Neighbours back From Hell Mod APK 1.1

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Do you love playing pranks? Download Neighbours back From Hell now and enjoy! Play pranks on your neighbor now by going through puzzles today.

Neighbours back From Hell Mod APK 1.1
Name Neighbours back From Hell
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.1
Size 100M
Category Puzzle
Developer HandyGames
Price $4.99
Google Play Link com.hg.NbFH

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There are so many available puzzle games that are fun to play right now. If you love thinking and going through challenges, then puzzle games are the perfect games for you.

They are fun to play, and there are so many games you can choose from right now. But if you love pranks in general, then Neighbours back From Hell is a no-brainer for you. This is a fun game that’s based on a hit TV show with the same name.

download neighbours back from hell for android

Published by HandyGames, this puzzle game lets you play silly pranks on your crazy neighbor. There are tons of unique and funny pranks that you can do here, but you first need to find suitable items. This is all while avoiding getting caught by the neighbor.

You’ll need to navigate through different rooms using the doors and collecting all the items you can get. You’ll also solve various puzzles and complete quests to enjoy the game. Can you play a lot of pranks?

Play Pranks on the Neighbor

We can enjoy many puzzle games right now on the internet. Puzzle games are fun as they allow you to exercise your brain while still enjoying, unlike other activities. Because there are so many people who love to play puzzle games, many types are available right now.

neighbours back from hell mod apk

You can select the one you fancy, such as comedy ones or even puzzle games that incorporate shooting. But if you’re an old-school who loves pranks, then Neighbours back From Hell is for you.

This game was based on a popular TV show back in the day since the goal was to play pranks on people. You’ll do the same to your neighbor in this game, where you can prank him a lot.

You can throw a whoopie cushion on the sofa or swap your neighbor’s shaving cream with glue. You can pull so many funny pranks in this game, but you need to be stealthy. Thankfully, there are many skills that you can use here!

neighbours back from hell

If you have what it takes to pull pranks, then download Neighbours back From Hell now.

Highlights of Neighbours Back From Hell

In Neighbours back From Hell, you can play pranks on your neighbor as much as you want!

Play pranks – There are so many videos on the internet today that you can watch people pulling various pranks. We love to watch comedy movies, but we love to watch pranks even more. There’s just something so funny about people falling victim to something harmless that we keep watching their misfortunes.

neighbours back from hell apk free download

So, if you’re wondering if there’s a game about pranks, there is! You can download Neighbours back From Hell and enjoy a funny puzzle game centered around pranks.

This is a game that allows you to play outrageous pranks on your crazy neighbor today. You can freely come in and out of your neighbor’s house today so you can go through his rooms. You can then collect items and plant your tricks around the house so you can pull your pranks.

You can do so many things here, but you need to be careful not to get caught! Enjoy so many funny scenes as you complete tasks and get many rewards.

Find items – In this game, you can find various things that you can use for your pranks in your neighbor’s house! You can collect so many items there like eggs, marker pens, superglue, and many more.

neighbours back from hell apk latest version

You can be creative with your pranks today and watch as your neighbor hilariously falls for them in this game. You can have fun with so many tricks that you can pull in this game. Just be careful not to get caught.

Pull pranks – There are so many pranks that you can pull off in Neighbours back From Hell! There’s one where you can put a whoopie cushion under the sofa, vandalize his portrait, put superglue in the microwave, and more.

You can do many pranks here, and you must complete them all to have fun. Enjoy various jokes now but don’t get caught by your neighbor! Have fun with so many pranks today, and enjoy.

neighbours back from hell apk

Complete quests – In this game, you can complete quests that will guide you to the pranks. You’ll be asked to go to the bathroom, the kitchen, and many more. Completing quests here will let you find items and set up tricks successfully!

Enjoyable cartoon graphics - Neighbours back From Hell is an enjoyable game that lets you have fun with the cartoon graphics. There’s also a fun soundtrack and background music here!

Download Neighbours back From Hell APK – Latest version

If you love pranks, play Neighbours back From Hell now. Prank your neighbor directly, and enjoy.

Download Neighbours back From Hell [100M]


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