Mivita Face APK 1.2.5

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Do you want to swap your face with a famous actor? Download Mivita Face APK now and swap faces with a video. Just let the app do all the work and enjoy!

Mivita Face APK 1.2.5
Name Mivita Face
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.2.5
Size 85.68 Mb
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer vakie
Price Free
Google Play Link com.mivita.video.status.maker

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Download Mivita Face APK – Face Swap

Many great apps let you edit today. We've reached a point in our time where we see many people with smartphones now.

We can freely do many things with these phones now, such as play games, watch movies, connect with people, and more. But if you're someone who loves to create epic videos, then you can download Mivita Face now and swap your face with someone else!

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If you're someone who loves using many apps, then this one tops them all. With this app, you're able to enjoy swapping faces with another person on a video! This was previously impossible unless you had advanced editing skills.

But now, this app can do it all in mere seconds, so you can enjoy creating significant statuses. You can also enjoy many video templates to add your choice of music with texts and other effects. Enjoy it now!

Swap Faces in Video

If you love using many apps, you must have a smartphone. These devices can run different apps today in entertainment, games, social media, editing, and many more.

You can find many apps available today in the editing space that you can freely use for yourself. The great thing about editing apps is that they let us create photos and videos that we can upload anywhere! You can enjoy more with Mivita Face today as it lets you swap faces with anyone.

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You can use this app right now to swap faces with someone in a video. You can also choose different templates, so you don't have to create a video status from scratch.

You can select from different themes like magic, holiday, anime face, love, calm, birthday, and many more. There are a lot of AI templates that can swap your face with someone else to make it look cooler. You can download and use many features here for free.

With this app, you can try different effects right now as there are so many! You're free to enjoy creating short videos here!

Mivita Face Highlights

If you didn't know, you could create awesome short videos today with Mivita Face! Get these exciting features now!

Face swap videos – You can find a lot of editing apps available right now to use. But if you're someone who loves editing videos, then you can also find many.

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These apps allow you to create short and long videos depending on your needs with ease. You'll access many tools to create the perfect video for you today! With Mivita Face, you can enjoy a fun app that lets you swap faces in a video.

The app's main feature allows anyone to swap their face with someone in a video. The AI does this in the app, so you don't have to edit them manually.

You can select y our photo, upload and choose the clip you want to use, and the app will work its magic. This is a fun app to use for short videos that you upload to WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and others. Create short videos effortlessly now!

Attractive templates – Did you know that you can create content today without having to do them from scratch? Many editing apps exist right now, providing countless templates that you can use readily. One of them is Mivita Face, and this one contains a ton of templates that you can use for your video.

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They provide templates in different themes like magic, birthday, friendship, love fantastic, holiday, anime, and many more. You can freely choose whatever you want, and then the app will do all the work. You can even swap faces with someone here!

Add music, texts, and effects – Mivita Face is a powerful app that lets you add music, texts, and various effects to your videos right now. Here, you'll be able to freely create the best videos that can help you become famous.

You can manually edit the templates and add your touch. You can also use any template that you find here without any problems as if they're your own. Thus, you can create the best short videos today!

Perfect for any social media platform - Mivita Face was designed for users who want to create a short video today.

You can upload short videos to many platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. Spice up your social media account with incredible short videos now!

Download Mivita Face APK – Latest version

Do you want to create stunning short videos? Download Mivita Face today and enjoy a lot of templates.

Download Mivita Face [85.68 Mb]


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