Melon Playground APK 13.1

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Do you love ragdolls? Download Melon Playground APK Fnaf now! Enjoy a way to play a ragdoll sandbox game based on People’s Playground. Install it now for free.

Melon Playground APK 13.1
Name Melon Playground
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 13.1
Size 48.03 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer TwentySeven
Price Free
Google Play Link com.TwentySeven.MelonPlayground

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Download Melon Playground APK – Ragdoll Sandbox

There are a lot of amazing mobile games you can play right now. You’re able to play them for free as they let you enjoy so many things today.

There are many sandbox games like Minecraft and Roblox, but one of the best ones is still undiscovered. But if you’re someone who’s looking for a unique game to play, try Melon Playground now and enjoy a fun game to play!

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This game from TwentySeven lets you have fun with an incredible ragdoll sandbox game. Here, you can do everything you want with a person called Melon as you can stab him, poison him, burn him, and many more.

You can test lots of weapons like guns, swords, and other items in this game. You can even add water and enjoy the realistic reaction of the person as you experiment. This is a fun game with no other goal than to have fun. Download it now for free!

Ragdoll Sandbox

Do you play a lot of mobile games? There are so many enjoyable mobile games to play right now and enjoy. You’re free to find and enjoy many games right now as they’re fun and exciting. If you’re someone who loves to play action, puzzles, simulation, and other games, then there are a lot of them as well.

There are all sorts of amazing games to play that will keep you entertained for a long time. You’ll be able to have fun with Melon Playground right now, as it’s a unique game to play.

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In this fun game, you’re able to do everything you want with a person called Melon. Here, you’re able to enjoy stabbing it, burning, crushing, poisoning, tearing, shooting, and more.

The doll provides the most realistic reaction, complete with blood and gore. This is a fun game to play since you can use many weapons like guns, swords, and other items here. You’re free to have fun with this game today as it lets you do whatever you want.

The doll won’t die no matter what, but you’ll get realistic reactions from it! 

Melon Playground Highlights

There are a lot of exciting games that you can play right now on your phone. One of them is Melon Playground.

Unique game – There are many fantastic games to play right now for your phone. You’re able to play so many incredible games today as you only need to download them.

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But if you’re into unique ones, you can find so many great games to play right now. There is action, puzzle games, battle royale, and many more. So, if you’re searching for a fun game to play, then you can download Melon Playground right now and enjoy it for free.

This game was inspired by the popular game called People’s Playground, where you can do anything you want with a ragdoll. This game is the same but for mobile to have fun with a person called Melon.

Here, you can use various weapons to experiment on the ragdoll. You can kill it with syringes like acid and even inject others. You can also use various weapons that will have different effects on the ragdoll. This is a fun game to play for everyone! 

Incredible weapons – Do you like inflicting damage on dolls? Then there are a lot of games that will cater to your needs today. You can also enjoy many weapons to use here, such as pistols, laser guns, sniper rifles, and many more.

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You can also use grenades and other types of explosives and enjoy the realistic effects on the doll. This game also lets you use many other swords like knives, spears, machete, hammers, bats, bludgeon, and many more. You’re free to test out everything you see here! 

Realistic physics and graphics – This game lets you enjoy experimenting with a doll with various weapons and items. The game provides the most realistic physics and graphics for you to enjoy.

Everything that you do in the doll will have a realistic reaction. Then, you can also film everything as you experiment and do your thing. This is a fun game to play as it lets you experiment and do many cool things you can’t do in real life. 

Many items – This game lets you use many items like syringes, hangers, poison, and many more. You’re free to use anything you can find on the game as you can have fun today! Feel free to download this game now and enjoy.

Download Melon Playground Fnaf

If you like experimenting, then you can download Melon Playground right now and enjoy a fun game.

Download Melon Playground [48.03 Mb]


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