LOST in The Blue APK 1.50.7

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Do you love a good survival game? Download Lost in Blue now and survive by collecting items, crafting weapons, finding food, and battling natural elements!

LOST in The Blue APK 1.50.7
Name LOST in The Blue
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 1.50.7
Size 521.59 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer Volcano Force
Price Free
Google Play Link com.volcanoforce.lost

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Survival games have become a hot genre over the past years, thanks to many games being made. Now, you can enjoy many survival games that let you survive in harsh environments and with different elements.

We love to watch movies and shows about survival, but it's more enjoyable when you can play in it. Lost in Blue is one of the newest survival games which Volcano Force published. This game lets you enjoy PVE and PVP in a survival game!

lost in the blue mod apk

You've just survived a plane crash here, and you need to think about what to do next. To survive, you'll need to search for various items that you can use to protect yourself against strange creatures on the island!

You can pick up kayaks, medicines, food, and plenty of other things so you can protect yourself against the harsh elements. You'll also be able to find other survivors that you can fight and survive with today. Enjoy a game where you can survive for a long time!

Fight and Survive

In the real world, the fight for survival is real as we need to eat, sleep, and do many things every day. But if you're suddenly stuck on an unknown island, you'll need to do everything you can to fend for yourself.

This is why there are plenty of movies, shows, and games geared toward survival today that you can enjoy. In these games, you can try to survive today as best as you can. Lost in Blue is one of the best survival games today to play!

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Here, you'll be able to test your skills as you need to survive after you've just been in a plane crash. Now that you're on an unknown island, you need to do everything you can to gather resources and items.

You'll need these items to eat and fight against strange monsters appearing throughout the island. But, the good news is that there are other survivors that you can meet and other players!

You can ally yourself with others, or you can loot their belongings! The choice is yours in this survival game.

Capabilities of Lost in Blue

To survive on an island, you'll need to use every resource at your disposal. Can you do it in Lost in Blue?

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Survive on an island – There are so many fantastic survival games that you can enjoy these days. In these games, you'll learn how to be self-sufficient and overcome any obstacles. Survival games are one of the best games you can enjoy today that's not only enjoyable but educational as well.

Lost in Blue is one of the many games you can enjoy today, thanks to its unique features and gameplay. Here, you can play in a multiplayer world where you can interact with other players.

Since this is a survival game, you'll be able to gather various resources such as food, medical supplies, items, and more. You'll also be able to follow the story where you'll meet other survivors on the island, and you can enjoy creating your journey.

Learn how to craft weapons and other materials now so you can protect yourself and create a camp. You can also play with other players or loot them if you want!

game lost in blue mod apk

Learn to craft – In any survival game today; you'll need to become self-sufficient if you want to survive. In Lost in Blue, you'll be able to collect various materials that you can use for your camp. You can create different tools like hammers, axes, and many more to create your survival home.

You can then erect various towers like arrow towers, sensory towers, watchtowers, and many more. You can also create multiple weapons that you can use to protect yourself here!

Collect resources – In this game, you'll be able to find many items lying on the ground. As you go around the island, you'll see many materials and ingredients that you can use.

Pick as much as you can so you can protect yourself against harmful animals, strange creatures, and natural elements. You'll need these ingredients and materials to grow your vegetables, farm, and many more. You can collect other items from exploring as well!

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PVP and PVE – This game features PVE and PVP that you can enjoy today. This means that aside from the computer enemies, you'll also be able to enjoy a world with other players.

This game lets you play with other towers, or you can also loot them as you want! The decision is yours as this world is vast and you can explore anywhere you want.

Download Lost in Blue APK – Latest version

Have fun surviving now in Lost in Blue! Fight against strange monsters, other players and become self-sufficient!

Download LOST in The Blue [521.59 Mb]


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