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Do you use your phone’s camera a lot? Why not download LMC 8.4 APK so you can capture higher quality photos and videos? The app comes with many features.

Name LMC
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 8.4
Size 130 MB
Category Photography
Developer Hasli
Price Free

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Download LMC APK – Google Camera

Thanks to smartphones, we’re able to do a lot of things for our work, school, and personal lives. There are billions of smartphones that exist today as more and more people are owning them.

If you’re a person who uses your phone’s camera a lot, then you can capture some amazing photos and videos. But with LMC, you can get a lot more features to use on your photos and videos.

lmc camera apk

All modern smartphones now come with cameras and an app to use it. But most of the time, the camera app doesn’t do the cameras justice which is why LMC exists. This is a Google Cam which allows you to get a lot more features to use which will utilize your camera better.

Here, you can use features like HDR+, Night Sight, Portrait Mode, Video stabilization, 4K 60FPS video recording and more. Basically, you can access a lot of professional features with this app without the need to buy an expensive smartphone.

Pro Camera App

With so many people owning a smartphone today, we can download so many apps available. Thanks to the demand, there are thousands of apps for us to use anytime we want to. You’re free and able to find so many apps for different purposes like social media, entertainment, navigation and more.

But if you want to instantly improve your camera skills without relying on editing apps, you can use third-party camera apps. Sure, most phones come with a default camera app that we can use. But LMC is a bit different than the rest.

lmc camera download

We’re able to take photos and videos on our phones thanks to default camera apps. But with this one, you can enjoy a better camera that provides so many more features.

Here, you can enjoy high quality images thanks to HDR+ which will use every resolution that your camera has. Then, there’s also the Portrait Mode which will blur out the background to focus on the subject. There are also other features like Night Sight, Astrophotography, object portrait and more.

The app also lets you use the pro mode so you can adjust the aperture, ISO, focus and other settings.

Features of LMC

If you want to improve your photography skills, then you can download LMC now to access numerous features.

Pro camera app – We’re able to enjoy so many apps for our smartphones thanks to many developers. We’re living in a world where anything we want can be downloaded in the form of an app.

Thanks to smartphones, we’re also able to capture any moment in photo or video form. While most smartphones have default camera apps, they don’t provide a lot of features. Thus, you’re better off downloading LMC now which provides many features.

lmc download

If you’re someone who loves taking pictures and videos, then you can download LMC now. This is a camera app that you can use to take photos and videos just like you would any other app. But the difference is that there are so many more features here that you can use.

There’s the HDR+, Night Sight, Portrait Mode, Video stabilization and more. Basically, you’ll have a lot more features to work on, so you don’t have to edit your photos after taking them. The app gives users more control and flexibility so they can take better shots.

Various modes – If you’re someone who loves using cameras, then this app is perfect for you. While there are default camera apps in almost every smartphone today, nothing can beat this one. Thanks to this app, you can access various modes like the HRD+ which will instantly increase the quality of the photo.

There’s also the Portrait Mode which is perfect for profile photos because they blur the background of the subject automatically. There’s also a Night Sight which is perfect for night shots. Then, you can also enjoy the Astrophotography feature which features different effects.

lmc apk latest version

Stabilization – When you use LMC, you’re able to shoot videos with an integrated stabilization on. This way, you don’t have to worry about shaky hands when you’re filming important things. Although a lot of smartphones have this feature now, it’s a great thing to have with this free app.

You’re able to smoothen out your video without having to do it in post-production. There’s also an Object portrait mode, 4K 60FPS video recording and more. With these features, you can have the best photos and videos ever.

Settings – Thanks to LMC, you’re able to adjust so many settings so you can capture the best photo and video. With this app, you’re able to access a lot of controls like the focus, ISO, shutter and more. Now, you can take professional photos on your phone.

Download Lmc8.4 Camera APK – Latest version

If you want to enjoy professional photos and videos on your phone, download LMC now for free.

Download LMC [130 MB]


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