Life of Mellow APK 1.2.0

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Farming and surviving isn’t easy, but it’s fun! Download Life of Mellow APK today and have fun with the most relaxing farming and surviving simulation now.

Life of Mellow APK 1.2.0
Name Life of Mellow
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 1.2.0
Size 130.69 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer MondayOFF
Price Free
Google Play Link com.mondayoff.mellow

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Download Life of Mellow APK – Farming Simulation

There are a lot of simulation games you can try playing right now. These games are exciting and a lot of fun since they provide people with different elements. Whether you’re a player looking for the perfect simulation or a new one, you’re in the right place.

We provide many simulation games on this page, and in this one, we’re going to talk about Life of Mellow. This is a relaxing simulation game that’s all about surviving.

life of mellow mod apk

This game features the life of Marshmallows called Mellows which are cute and tiny creatures that struggle to survive. Here, you’ll need to build your farm as you collect many resources to survive for as long as you can.

You can craft buildings, expand your land and create many things in your land. You can also micromanage your village and expand it as you grow your population. The more successful you become, the more Mellows will come into your place!

Survive and Farm

We can play and enjoy so many simulation games right now. There are so many available ones to be played, and they’re all free. Players are just drawn to the relaxing vibe of simulation games as they’re unlike other genres.

With these games, you don’t need to constantly be stressed about many things, but you can take your time playing. If you’re looking for the best simulation game to play, try Life of Mellow. This is one where you’ll need to survive for as long as you can in the harsh wilderness.

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In this game from MondayOFF, you’ll be able to start building your village as you start small. First, you’ll need to farm various crops and collect different resources. Then, you’ll slowly build your house as you gather more resources like wood, rocks, and many more.

You can also hire more Mellows to help you craft various structures, plant crops, and grow your farm. Here, you can do many things anytime you want, such as farming, collecting, and building.

You’ll also manage your village and be responsible for everything! Can you survive for an entire year?

Life of Mellow Capabilities

There are a lot of things to do in Life of Mellow! Here, you can farm, build and create lasting memories.

life of mellow mod apk free download

Survival simulation – If you’re someone who loves playing simulation games, then you can download so many fun ones today. You can find many of these games in the Google Play Store, but if you’re looking for something unique, then you’re in the right place.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a great survival simulation, then Life of Mellow is here to give you a relaxing experience. This is a free simulation game that lets you survive for as long as you can.

The premise is simple; you need to survive for as long as you can using the resources in the game. Here, you can start farming to plant various crops, breed animals, and collect resources.

You can then start building various structures like a well, house, and others that you need. You’ll also be able to hire Mellows to start working for you so you can make any work more accessible. This is a game where you can manage and enjoy life!

life of mellow mod apk latest version

Farm and collect resources – The goal of this fun simulation game is to survive, so you need to farm relentlessly. You’ll need a lot of resources, so you’ll need to farm and expand your land as much as you can.

You can also breed animals and collect various resources like wood, rocks, and others. You’ll also get food so you can continue to survive every day. You can then create various tools as well that you’ll need to craft and survive.

Build and craft – In this game, you’ll be able to build various structures that you’ll need in your village. You can build a stone house, wood house, craft shop, and many more. You’ll also be able to build tools that your workers can use when collecting items, farming, and constructing structures.

download life of mellow mod apk for android

There are so many works to be done in this game, and you need to survive for as long as you can! It’s a game that challenges you to be creative and to expand your operations.

Survive and expand – As you expand your village, more Mellows will start coming to your town. You can use them so they can work for you, which will help the village prosper.

You can micromanage everything and enjoy the village life. Survive for all the four seasons, such as spring, summer, fall, and winter! Can you do it?

Download Life of Mellow APK – Latest version

Can you handle the marshmallow life? Download Life of Mellow and start farming and creating your village.

Download Life of Mellow [130.69 Mb]


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