Lens Buddy APK 3.0

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Many camera apps are available, but Lens Buddy APK lets you easily use your camera hands-free! Just set the timer and get ready to pose in the camera!

Lens Buddy APK 3.0
Name Lens Buddy
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.0
Size 7MB
Category Photography
Developer Lens Buddy, INC
Price Free

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Download Lens Buddy APK – Self-Timer Camera

Many camera apps are available, but Lens Buddy APK lets you easily use your camera hands-free! Just set the timer and get ready to pose in the camera!

There are a lot of uses for a smartphone right now. You can download and enjoy many apps that you can use for free on any smartphone today. Thanks to these devices, we can enjoy doing many things right now that let us have fun.

We can stream movies, listen to music, post photos, edit them, and take photos and videos. Many camera apps let you have fun, but Lens Buddy is a useful one!

lens buddy apk premium

Sure, you can take a selfie or a group picture with your smartphone today. But if you want to capture the view or take a picture hands-free, then you might want to have this app!

This is quite simply a hands-free camera app that you can use to take pictures without the need to capture them manually. You need to set the timer, and the app will take care of the rest. You can also enjoy other features here!

Neat Camera App

If you’re someone who loves using your smartphone, then there are many exciting things you can do with it. It’s a robust gadget that can download many apps and access tons of websites.

Because of this, you can now do many things with your phone, such as watch movies, contact your friends, apply for jobs, and more. You can even take photos and videos that you can upload to your social media accounts! With Lens Buddy, you can even take stunning photos and videos by yourself!

There are many exciting things you can do right now, which involve your phone’s camera. But if you want to take pictures hands-free, then you’ll need the help of Lens Buddy. This is quite a simple but revolutionary app as it allows you to take pictures using timers.

lens buddy apk android

You need to set an interval of 5 or 10 seconds, and the app will take pictures/videos automatically. You can easily take pictures of yourself without doing a selfie or taking a group photo with everyone included!

The app also has a lot of other features to customize.

Lens Buddy Highlights

If you want to include everyone in your photos, download Lens Buddy today and enjoy the power of technology.

Hands-free photography – You can enjoy your time traveling and going to different places anytime you want. Smartphones can replace cameras today as these devices allow you to capture photos easily.

If you’re someone who loves to use your phone a lot, you can download many apps. But if you’re specifically looking for a camera app that can help you, then Lens Buddy is for you. This one lets you capture photos automatically!

You don’t need your Bluetooth clicker anymore when you have this app! You can set up the timer and then get ready for your photo to be taken. Thanks to this app, you can customize the interval and take the perfect photo solo or with a group.

lens buddy app for android apk

You can also use and customize other features available like aspect ratio, autofocus, portrait mode, and more. The app also has a built-in gallery to see all the photos and videos taken! Enjoy taking photos with this app! 

Set intervals – Thanks to Lens Buddy, you’re now able to take photos without the need to get your hands involved. It’s simple as the app uses a timer interval to take the photos automatically. You can freely configure the timer to take pictures when you want to.

You can set it to whatever time you want, such as 5 or 10 or even 15 seconds. With this, you can freely get ready and pose on the camera, and you need to wait for it to take the photo automatically.

Aspect ratio, portrait mode, autofocus – Aside from taking photos automatically, Lens Buddy also lets you enjoy other features. There’s the aspect ratio where you can freely take pictures in the square, vast, or other dimensions.

screen 1_optimized

You can also try out the new portrait mode, which automatically blurs out your background. Then, the autofocus is also great for taking high-quality photos for your profile pictures! 

Sounds, zoom, burst mode - Lens Buddy also lets you enable sound effects so you can take many photos and videos easily. Then, you can also zoom in and out, customize exposure, turn on and off the flash, and more.

There’s also the burst mode which takes lots of photos at once! This is great for photoshoots to get the best one quickly.

Download Lens Buddy APK – Latest version

If you want to level up your photo-taking skills, download Lens Buddy to help you snap photos automatically!

Download Lens Buddy [7MB]
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