Lego Juniors APK 6.8.6085

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Who doesn’t love Lego? In Lego Juniors APK, you can enjoy creating your own ride and cruising down the road! Fully customize your cars today and enjoy the ride.

Lego Juniors APK 6.8.6085
Name Lego Juniors
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 6.8.6085
Size 73 MB
Category Educational
Developer LEGO System A/S
Price Free

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There are so many toys that we can play as kids. If you played with LEGOs, then you had an awesome childhood as these are one of the most popular toys around. It was invented in 1932 and it quickly became a popular toy and now there are countless movies, shows and even mobile games for it. One of the best ones today is LEGO Juniors as it allows you to create your own car and drive. This epic game from LEGO System lets you create your own vehicle.

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Who doesn’t love creating vehicles with LEGOs? There are so many possibilities and things you can build with just LEGOs today. In this game, you can create cars, helicopters, trucks, and many more! You can also customize the parts such as the wheels, body, upper part and even your character. Get as many parts on the road as possible to unlock as many parts you can today so you can create more.

Create LEGO Vehicles 

If you ask any kid today if they know LEGOs, they probably do as it’s a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a game that’s simple enough but playable and customizable to your liking wherever you are. Because of this, there are a lot of people that have built incredible things with LEGOs such as spaceships, characters, vehicles and many more. If you’re looking for an awesome mobile game about LEGOs, then LEGO Juniors is the one for you. In this game, you can create your own vehicles that you can then use to drive on roads!

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Enjoy an epic game that allows you to enjoy the LEGO world from the locations, roads, bridges down to the vehicles themselves. Here, you can create plenty of cars, trucks, helicopters and many more vehicles. You can unlock many parts today by driving down the road and collecting as many coins as you can to unlock newer ones! Create the best vehicles to drive today and customize your character’s gender, face, body and feet! There are so many combinations that you can do with LEGOs today.

You will enjoy a fantastic time playing as you don’t need imagination to play with this game anymore.

LEGO Juniors Features

If you love Legos, then you must be excited to see it in action! In Lego Juniors, you can play and customize it to your liking.

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Build the Ultimate Vehicle – If you’ve never played or heard of Legos before, then you’re missing out on something incredible. These are toys that can be built and broken into different pieces. They are played according to our imagination as we can build even entire cities made out of them if we wish. If you want to create and drive the best Lego cars, then it’s time to play Lego Juniors. This game has everything you need when it comes to driving Lego cars.

Here, you can unlock many types of Lego cars from trucks, to cars to even helicopters! Unlock many parts today as you drive down the road and collect the required coins. Enjoy beautiful sceneries and roads made up of Legos today as you cruise down the road with your customized vehicle. You can also customize your character to your liking and change the face, body and the torso.

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Create Plenty of Vehicles – There are many cars in the world today which we use to get to and from different places. These are convenient pieces of metal that provide comfort and assurance that we’re going to get to our destination. One of the popular ways to enjoy Lego is to create vehicles. In this game, you’re free to create various vehicles ranging from cars to trucks to even helicopters! Get different parts today when you collect gold coins on the road.

Unlock many parts such as wheels, body, and the upper part of the vehicle. Here there are many styles to unlock and many new ones to look forward to. Test drive all of them today and enjoy a great time driving.

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Customize your character – You’re also free to customize your Lego character in this game like in real life. Here, you can change the hair, face, body and torso to whatever you want. You can mix and match different styles and colors today to present a unique individual. There’s a male and a female character that you can use to drive the vehicles in the game and you’ll enjoy this aspect as well. Create the best-looking character today!

Collect coins and enjoy different roads – Enjoy driving on different roads every time! There are plenty of coins to collect and roads to enjoy as you go through various bridges, locations and sceneries.

Lego Juniors APK

If you want to enjoy vehicles made up of Legos, play Lego Juniors now and customize them all.

Download Lego Juniors [73 MB]


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