Brain Out APK 2.7.24

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Download The Brain Out APK - latest version will push your mind to its limit - for Android  - Test your IQ and prove to your friends that you’re not dumb.

Brain Out APK 2.7.24
Name Brain Out
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 2.7.24
Size 100.74 Mb
Category Educational
Developer Focus apps
Price Free
Google Play Link com.mind.quiz.brain.out

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There are few quiz games that will challenge you to the degree that Brain Out will. The game, developed by Focus Apps, is considered to be one of the most difficult puzzle and quiz games on mobile at the moment. The reason for this isn’t so much that you need a lot of knowledge to answer the questions – it’s more due to the fact that the questions themselves are totally unorthodox.

download brain out apk

Playing Brain Out apk will force you to think outside of the box in order to wrap your head around the many bizarre and misleading situations that you’ll be presented with. For example, you’ll get shown three chicks and then asked, “Where is the mother hen?” It doesn’t make sense on first glance, but you’ll have to choose something.

Ask for a hint

Of course, you won’t be able to wrap your wits around all of the questions – some of them you will need a little assistance for. This is where the hint function comes in handy. You can ask for a hint in order to take some of the guess-work out of the equation. But be careful – you only have a few hints in the game and you don’t want to waste them on something early on and then get stuck on a much harder riddle later in the game.


Of course, there is always a solution. The Brain Out  apk allows you to play the game with an advantage. If you’re not looking to burst a blood vessel in your forehead while playing Brain Out, then this will be of great use.

It allows you to ask for unlimited hints throughout the game, which doesn’t give you the answer, but does make it a lot easier to figure out each riddle. With these hints in hand, you can have a more leisurely gaming experience and not have to worry so much about burning out your mind on the train to work!

Unorthodox questions

Without a doubt, the best thing about Brain Out is the weird questions. This isn’t your everyday quiz or riddle game, and you won’t find questions like “What is the capital of Madagascar?” Oh no, the questions on Brain Out are much more fun than this.


You generally answer questions by interacting with the pictures on screen. This means that you’re not just filling out an answer. You can interact with the animals and situations that appear to work your way through the quiz. Try to think how you’d answer the questions if you were a five-year-old child.

If you simply try and answer the question in a logical way, then you’ll get tricked and you’ll lose for sure. Instead, look at everything on the screen – and even off the screen – to figure out what the answer would be if the question were designed by a madman who is ultimately trying to have the most fun with you that they possibly can.

Brain Out gameplay

The gameplay is hilarious on Brain Out. It isn’t supposed to be too difficult, but rather, it’s meant to be really fun to play and occasionally make you laugh out loud. The questions are a real mix of knowledge and creativity, and you’ll need to have your thinking hat and your feeling hat on to answer them all correctly.


There is also a wide variety of hilarious sound effects in the game when you press certain actions or just when you get something right or wrong. This really adds to the whole fun process of the game and makes you want to carry on going – even when you’re stuck.

Brain Out is rated PEGI3, which means that it’s completely suitable for children aged 3 and above. In fact, this is a really good game for children as it can help them to use their childlike creativity to achieve success. This could encourage them to use their creativity more often – something which is often overlooked in the schooling system and thus not often nourished into adolescence.

Brain Out APK

You’re smart, but you’re not that smart. The unlimited hints everything is very helpful when playing Brain Out – especially for younger players who might actually get frustrated if they can’t answer one of the levels. Try downloading the now to play Brain Out with unlimited keys and have a great time. Good luck!

Download Brain Out [100.74 Mb]


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