Last Pirate APK 1.13.10

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Want to play a game where you’re stranded in an island as a pirate? Enjoy Last Pirate and become a survivor by going fishing, making rafts and surviving a lot!

Last Pirate APK 1.13.10
Name Last Pirate
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.13.10
Size 285.30 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer RetroStyle Games UA
Price Free
Google Play Link com.RetrostyleGames.LastPirate.deadthieves

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There are many survivor games for mobile out there. But have you tried playing a game where you’re a pirate in an island? You probably haven’t, right? In Last Pirate, the goal is to survive by finishing different tasks around the island. From fishing to building rafts to fighting wild beasts – there are a lot of hardships that await you.

Last Pirate Mod APK

In this simulation game, your pirate crew has washed ashore in an island. The only problem is that you’re alone for now. So, what do you do in this situation? The first thing that should be on your mind is to survive. This means you should find a way to secure shelter, food and water. But in this game, there are dangerous creatures that lurk around such as sea monsters. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure that is befitting for a pirate!

Survive as a Pirate

Have you ever played the popular survival games such as Ark, Last Day on Earth and the likes? Those games are popular but they’re not a match for our main topic for this article which is Last Pirate. Played by 10 million people now, this survival simulation game by RetroStyle Games UA isn’t just an ordinary survival mobile game.

Last Pirate APK Latest Version

For starters, you will be playing a pirate captain alone in an island. With no hopes of finding your crew yet, you must survive for as long as you can. The ultimate goal would be to reunite with your crewmates and rebuild the pirate ship to get out of the island. But for now, you’re a long way from that. So, you must first do the simple things such as scavenging for items and food. But along the way, you’ll face off against powerful monsters such as Godzilla, bears and even zombies! Collect different armors and weapons so you can fight them and defend yourself. But don’t forget to take a look at your health and hunger so you don’t die off instantly.

Last Pirate Features

In Last Pirate, you’re the last pirate in the island for now. You will then need to survive by doing a variety of things such as killing boars, finding items and so on. If you’re curious, here are the things you can expect in this game.

Last Pirate APK Free Download

Survive in an island as a pirate – In this game, you will need to survive. You’re a pirate who crashed into the island along with your crewmates. But for some reason, you can’t find them right now. So, the first thing you need to accomplish is to be self-sufficient. What this means is that you will need to gather food, hunt animals, and create shelter. This is a game you’ll be playing in weeks so you need a lot of resources to survive. Craft different items using different items found in the island!

Collect and build items – In Last Pirate, everything you need is in the island. It has an abundance of resources scattered throughout the map. This means that all you need to do is gather the raw materials. The game will guide you on how to create certain items such as pickaxes, armors and so on. You can find different items by breaking barrels and picking them up.

Scavenge for food – There are also a lot of wild animals like boar, chickens and fish that are in the island. You can hunt for them for food. Then at night, you need to create shelter and fire to keep yourself warm. Collect as many foods as you can so you will not die of hunger! You also need to take note of the hunger meter at the top at all times.

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Fight against monsters – This survival game isn’t an ordinary one due to the existence of different monsters! Depending on the situation, you’ll be forced to face against sea monsters, Godzilla, bears, boars and even zombies. Fight against them using your crafted weapons and armors. But don’t face them if you can’t win against them – you can’t risk your life for that.

Complete tasks – In Last Pirate, there are tasks that the game gives out to players so you’ll know what to do. You just need to follow the tasks and complete them so you can easily gain items. Depending on the task, you can also gain many rewards by completing them.

Download Last Pirate APK – Latest version

Looking for a unique and new survival mobile game? Play Last Pirate now and become a pirate who will rescue his crewmates out of the island!

Download Last Pirate [285.30 Mb]


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