Krew Eats APK 33.2

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Do you love the Krew? In Krew Eats APK for Android, in this fun game, you’ll play as Rainbow, Funneh, Gold, Draco, and Lunar! Eat as many foods as you can now and win.

Krew Eats APK 33.2
Name Krew Eats
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 33.2
Size 183.23 Mb
Category Casual
Developer BroadbandTV Corp
Price Free
Google Play Link com.bbtv.krew

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We watch a lot of YouTubers today since there are literally millions of creators now. There are plenty of videos we can watch on YouTube now ever since the platform became popular years ago. Now, you can enjoy quite a lot of videos and from different creators. If you love watching the Krew, then you’re in for a treat as you can play Krew Eats now which is a game based on them. Published by Broadband TV Corp, this game lets you eat as much as you want.

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This is a simple but entertaining tapping game that challenges you to eat as much food as you can in the game. The more food you eat, the more coins you can earn which allows you to upgrade different food and unlock more. In this game, you can also unlock more than 25 pets which lets you eat more food today. Can you complete many levels in this game today? You can play as your favorite YouTubers!

Eat and Eat

All of us eat food in order to survive. Without food, we would die of hunger so we eat more than 3 times a day. Today, we see a lot of YouTubers doing Mukbang which is a popular Korean trend. Here, people eat lots of food at once while recording themselves doing it for their subscribers. So, if you love seeing your favorite YouTubers in a game and if you love eating, then Krew Eats is the perfect game for you! The game features the 5 siblings who are popular YouTubers.

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In this game, you can play as your favorite characters such as Rainbow, Funneh, Draco, Lunar and Gold. Each of these characters were based on their real-life counterparts so fans can enjoy the game more. The premise of the game is simple as well which is just to eat as much as you can! Here, you need to eat different types of food by repeatedly tapping on the screen. The more you eat, the more coins you can earn in this game.

You can then use your coins to unlock pets that will help you to eat more food. You can also unlock new foods and to level them up! You can also unlock many characters and outfits!

Capabilities of Krew Eats

There are tons of games available on the topic of eating. But if you love the Krew, then Krew Eats is the perfect game for you.

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Eat and enjoy – Whether you enjoy eating or not, we all need to do it in order to leave. Today, eating is such as big topic as it’s also a trending topic in YouTube thanks to a lot of creators. So, if you love seeing food content and your favorite YouTubers in one game, you can play Krew Eats right now! This is a game that lets you eat as much as you want by tapping on the screen repeatedly. Here, you can play as your favorite characters such as Funneh, Rainbow, Draco, Gold and Lunar.

You can also eat in a variety of locations today to finish as many levels as you can. You can enjoy playing with different characters and you can even unlock new pets! These pets will help you to eat more fun hence you can earn more money. Then, you’ll use your money to unlock more food and to have more outfits.

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Play as your favorite character – Do you enjoy watching YouTubers do their thing? Today, a lot of YouTubers are becoming popular thanks to the lucrative opportunity that the platform offers. So, if you’re a fan of the Krew, then this game is the game for you! Here, you can play as your favorite character such as Gold, Lunar, Rainbow, Funneh and Draco! Each of them has unique traits and looks and they’re based on their real-life counterparts.

Unlock and level up foods – In this game, you can eat a lot of different types of food as you go through the levels. There are desserts, junk food and many other types of food available to eat. To eat, you just need to repeatedly tap the screen until the food is finished.

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Collect pets – You can also unlock many types of pets in the game today. There are more than 25 pets available in Krew Eats! Here, the pets are cute and you can unlock them using coins. Here, you can unlock different ones and even upgrade them so they can increase their bites/second.

Eat in style – You can also eat in style as you buy stylish clothes for your characters! There are tons of cute outfits available here now!

Download Krew Eats APK

Eating has never been more fun in Krew Eats! Eat as much food as you can and collect many coins.

Download Krew Eats [183.23 Mb]


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