Kiss of War APK 1.131.0

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In this day and age, we love action games so much so that Call of Duty and the likes have been so successful over the years. Play and download Kiss of War now!

Kiss of War APK 1.131.0
Name Kiss of War
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 1.131.0
Size 1.80 Gb
Category Strategy
Developer tap4fun
Price Free
Google Play Link com.tap4fun.kissofwar.googleplay

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If you love shooting games, then you are probably familiar with games such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Fortnite and more. These games are always fun and exciting to play as they get your heart-pumping with every kill. But how about a shooting game with ladies at the front? Try Kiss of War now!

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Shooting games have become a part of the gaming world for many years now. But if you want to play a unique one today, you should download and play Kiss of War now. Play with different types of characters such as Katherin and more. In this real-time multiplayer game, there’s nothing you can’t do! Aside from that, there are tons of action sequences, levels and missions to complete!

A New Shooter Experience

In this day and age, we love shooting games. But how fun would it be if shooting games suddenly have female leads? There would be more hot and intense scenes not to mention more blood! If you’re excited at the prospect of this, then you should know Kiss of War. This game is a combination of a lot of shooting games but with a twist!

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This time, the girls are in control and they’re here to save the day! Become the ultimate female soldier in this epic shooting game. There are lots of missions, characters and locations, you can enjoy in this fun game. There are also different weapons you can use to carry out your missions! Level up by completing the missions and show to the world your firepower. Take out the enemies by sniping and going as accurate as you can. In this fun strategy game, you can do a lot! 

Features of Kiss of War

Kiss of War isn’t your typical shooting game. It’s a strategy military game that involve a lot of girls! Here, you must do everything to increase your military might.

A Fun Strategy Game – Military games aren’t always fun. They can be boring to those that are accustomed to action games such as Call of Duty and the likes. Yet there are a lot of these games that are being produced every now and then. Kiss of War is one of the popular games in this category which has gotten more than a million downloads now. Here, you will play in a military strategy game but filled with beautiful girls. In this fun game, you’re going to expand your military might across different locations and challenge other countries! Fight to your heart’s content and plan your victory.

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New Troop Control System – In this game, you are free to control your troops and command them different things. You can make them march, garrison, and change targets depending on your strategy. With this control scheme, you can lead your soldiers to different places and execute different strategies. What are you waiting for? Your soldiers won’t move without your leadership! Go teach your troops how to conquer lands.

Real time multiplayer combat – Although it’s always fun to battle against computer-generated enemies, there’s nothing more thrilling than knowing that the ones you’re fighting against are real people. In Kiss of War, you can battle it out with real people all around the world. But, you can even enlist the help of other notable players so you can play against an entire guild or more! There’s no shortage of fights you can put yourself into in this game. Expect thrilling and engaging battle strategies to ensue while playing.

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Epic Graphics – Even if this isn’t a first-person shooter, the game’s graphics are beautiful enough to be compared to them. Manage your country’s military might and troops at the top and customize everything from the menu! There are so many things you can do in this game when you’re not fighting. The visuals and animations are also smooth and they are well-implemented.

Select different countries – You can select different countries in Kiss of War. You should be aware that each country has their own traits as well as pros and cons. There are different combat strategies and troops you can get depending on your country! This makes the game so much fun.

Download Kiss of War APK

Kiss of War is an enjoyable military strategy game featuring female heroes! Download the latest version and conquer the battlefield.

Download Kiss of War [1.80 Gb]


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