Jade Master APK 1.19.0

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Do you love finding gems? Then download Jade Master APK now! Become a tycoon as you find jade on gemstones. Design exquisite pieces now and earn money.

Jade Master APK 1.19.0
Name Jade Master
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.19.0
Size 61.35 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Poligon
Price Free
Google Play Link com.kunpo.jewel.overseas

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Download Jade Master APK – Jade Tycoon

There are a lot of casual and simulation games that provide us with simple but entertaining gameplay. You can have fun with many incredible games that let you play different topics right now.

If you’re someone who loves playing different casual games, then you’ll find many amazing ones to play. One of the best ones is Jade Master, as it lets you play and enjoy getting jade from gemstones.

You can enjoy this game from Poligon as it’s one where you can freely find jade from raw gemstones. You’ll go through the entire process of creating exquisite artwork, starting from finding the jade. First, you’ll need to find jade from gemstones by cutting small openings using a grinder.

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You’ll then need to cut it using a saw bench so you can get the jade. Next, you’ll need to carve the jade to create various art pieces like bracelets, necklaces, rings, and many more. You can become a tycoon in this game!

Become a Jade Tycoon

If you want to play simulation games, there are many available right now. There are so many incredible simulation games that let you have fun with different topics. Simulation games feature subgenres like racing, action, RPG, fighting, and many more.

There are a lot of incredible and new simulation games that let you have fun. With Jade Master, you’re able to enjoy a lot of things related to jade. You can freely get jade and transform it into artwork!

You can have fun with many incredible games in the simulation genre right now. But in this one, your goal is to create the best jewelry pieces using jade! You can do this by first finding out which rocks contain jade inside.

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Then, you’ll carefully cut it and carve the jade into any specific style that the game asks. You’ll use various tools to achieve different effects in the game, such as a saw, grinder, and many more.

You can have fun earning money using your creations in this game. Have fun becoming a jade tycoon!

Highlights of Jade Master

If you love crafting, then you can enjoy Jade Master today! Become a master crafter and tycoon now.

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Create jewelry – You can enjoy many games in the simulation genre right now. There are a lot of exciting games that you can have fun with if you’re someone who loves them. You can enjoy many simulation games because they’re fun and exciting for everyone.

Many exciting games let you enjoy creating art, but nothing can beat Jade Master. This is a game where you can find jade from the gemstones to create stunning pieces!

Your goal is to create your own exhibition full of stunning art pieces and pieces of jewelry in this game. You’ll first need to find jade from various gemstones as not all of them have them. Then, you’ll need to carefully cut the stone and get the jade and then start crafting.

You’ll need to create different styles using various techniques depending on the level. You’ll use many tools here like the saw bench, grinder, brush, and many more. You’ll be able to craft various things in here to make you money!

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Create various artwork – In Jade Master, you can enjoy creating various artwork pieces to make money. You’ll use jade, a precious metal in the real world here. You’ll then be able to craft various pieces like a dragon, necklace, bracelet, ship, and many more.

There are many items that you can craft here, categorized in Small, Medium, and Large. You’ll be able to make money as you sell these pieces in your exhibitions. Feel free to enjoy crafting various items right now in the game.

Use many tools – To craft the perfect piece, you’ll be able to use many items in the game! There’s the grinder, saw bench, brush, and many more. You’ll also need to pick the rock you think has the jade first.

You’ll be able to do this by grinding the gemstone using your tool. But you’ll need to be lucky to find the rock that contains the jade! You can now create various pieces in the game that you can sell in your exhibition.

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Earn money – You can become a jade tycoon in this game as you create tons of masterpieces.

You’ll be able to fill your place with various jewelry and incredible items that you can sell. Each piece has its worth to sell for a lot of money!

Download Jade Master APK– Latest version

If you’re someone who loves playing crafting games, then you can download Jade Master right now!

Download Jade Master [61.35 Mb]


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