Infinite Design APK 3.5.6

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Download Infinite Design APK – latest version – Free for Android if you want to create digital art effortlessly! Create a stunning art now without any problems!

Infinite Design APK 3.5.6
Name Infinite Design
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 3.5.6
Size 20.58 Mb
Category Art & Design
Developer Infinite Studio Mobile
Price Free
Google Play Link com.brakefield.idfree

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Art has always been a huge part of our culture as humans. Art existed even before technology was invented. To many people, art is an expression in itself. It’s the ultimate culmination of human experiences and skills. Without art, life would be meaningless or boring. But thanks to art, we can appreciate the world a little better. When it comes to drawing, we’ve always done it in a canvas. But thanks to the advancement in technology, we can do so much more!


Infinite design is a digital drawing app developed by Infinite Studio Mobile. It has already reached over 5 million downloads in Google Play Store. This game is more than just your typical drawing app. It allows you to convey anything you want be it a logo, a portrait or any illustration you wish! Read on to learn more about this awesome app!

What is Infinite design?

We can all agree that art makes our world more interesting. Without it, we can’t appreciate the world around us. Art allows us to express ourselves and to find deeper meaning in things we find otherwise mundane. That’s why many people pursue arts even as a career. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Creativity is at the helm of arts and it’s incredibly beautiful to be able to express ourselves through it.

Before the existence of digital drawing apps, we would draw traditionally on canvases. Of course, this is the traditional way but thanks to the advancement of technology, we can do so much more! Infinite design allows you to create any form of illustration whether portrait, logo, cartoon or animation. Your imagination is the only limit in creating stunning arts through Infinite design. This app is packed full of features that you’ll need to realize your dream. And the beauty of this app is that you don’t need to buy tons of drawing papers any more just to draw. You don’t even need tons of resources such as colored pencils or pencils.


Just download this app and you’ll be able to create more vivid illustrations like you’ve never did before. You’ll be more organized and you can use more features than you can ever imagine. Share your art to the world thanks to Infinite design! You can now create stunning illustrations that you can even use for your career. Read on to learn more.

Features of Infinite design

Infinite design isn’t your ordinary drawing app. This is an illustration app that allows you to do just about any form of art effortlessly! Here are its features:

Infinite canvas – Traditional drawing has a charm to it that can’t be replicated by digital art. But the only problem is with the traditional way of doing art is that you need to buy tons of papers just to draw – which costs a lot of money! But thanks to Infinite design, you no longer need to buy any paper! You can literally create infinite canvases in here. You can also pan, zoom, or rotate the canvas depending on your needs. There are also intuitive path editing, Boolean operations, and align and distribute objects. Rest assured; you can create canvases that suit your needs. No need for extra paper, one wrong move and you can delete it.


Superior tools – Infinite design offers superior tools than most digital drawing apps. In here, you can experiment with four types of symmetry. There are also unlimited layers and unlimited undo with a history slider. You can also easily construct shapes thanks to the intuitive pen tool. Then, you can draw 3D backgrounds using five different perspective guides. Lastly, the text tool offers a lot of features: horizontal, vertical, circle, or text on path. Whatever basic tool you need, Infinite design has it for you. This makes drawing things a bit easier than traditional ways. You no longer have to suffer when you have limited resources.

Streamlined interface – Infinite design offers effortless drawing with its streamlined interface. It’s simple, organized and out of the way. You can even move your favorite tools to the top of the bar for quicker access. Lastly, you can drag out the color wheel with two fingers. Not to mention the easy interface that the app is designed with. Everything is made easy for the designer! You don’t need to master the app just to draw. You don’t even need to know any complex controls either!


Advanced features – Aside from the basic tools, Infinite design also offers advanced features that will make drawing a lot easier. These tools include, the transform tool, gradient and patern fill, rotate and flip the canvas, automatic shape detection, grid, vectorize and more. Each of these tools allows you to fully customize your drawing effortlessly. These were created solely for the convenience of the designer. You are able to create more complex designs because of the existence of these tools alone. Although they require a bit of a practice to master, they’re worth it in the end!

Import and export – If you want to import and export SVG files in Infinite design, you can freely do so! You can also add images from your gallery, camera or from the web! Then, you can also export images as JPEG, PNG or SVG to fully accommodate your preferences. Then, you can share your artworks to the Infinite design community or to Instagram seamlessly! Lastly, you can search for millions of colors, palettes, and patterns thanks to ColourLovers! As you can see, you can do a lot of things on this app! You no longer have a need for traditional work when you can draw it using Infinite design.


Unique app – Thanks to the advancement of technology, apps like Infinite design were created. This allows artists, designers and even non-designers create illustrations effortlessly! Now you don’t need to manually create when you can digitally create it!

Infinite design APK

Infinite design is an awesome drawing app that allows you to create stunning digital artworks effortlessly! However, there are some premium features that you can only unlock by paying money. Download the premium now to instantly unlock it!

Download Infinite Design [20.58 Mb]


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