Immuni APK 2.6.0

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Download Immuni APK Latest Version free for Android now. Get the latest notifications in order to keep you aware of the pandemic and more.

Immuni APK 2.6.0
Name Immuni
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 2.6.0
Size 32.43 Mb
Category Medical
Developer Ministero della Salute
Price Free
Google Play Link it.ministerodellasalute.immuni

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In this day and age, the pandemic of COVID-19 has swept the world and caused many problems for families across the globe. Thus, it’s best to always remain aware and attentive of whatever if going on related to this. Furthermore, Italy is one of the most affected area when relating to this situation. So, Immuni is the best application to keep all citizens of the area aware of everything that is going on.

Main Features of Immuni

So, what features are available with the Immuni App for Android? Why would you choose this app over just watching the news? Well, for one, the news isn’t always accurate. Likewise, it’s not always readily available 24/7.


We’ve also listed additional features that everyone should keep in mind when choosing to install this application. Anyways. Continue reading to understand more about this pandemic notification tool available for Android mobile devices.

  • User will use the absolute minimum amount of data necessary in order to collect all information related to the current events. Only what is absolutely necessary will be used in order to improve the entirety of the notification system. The app is also Bluetooth accessible. To this extent, no information whatsoever is revealed related to either your nor your device. The Bluetooth Energy code uses limited data and keeps the privacy of all users of this accessory tool. So, there’s absolutely no need to worry.
  • Additionally, all of the data that is saved onto your smartphone remains encrypted to ensure your own privacy and safety.
  • Also, the connections between the Immuni apps and servers are also encrypted.
  • In order to keep your data usage to a minimum and also to keep updated and accurate information, everything is deleted when it is no longer relevant. Furthermore, this would include after the date of December 2020.

There are still many more additional features associated with the application. However, there is no need to explain everything. Rather, just download the app so you can stay safe and remain notified.

Immuni APK Free Download

So, after everything, it’s best to keep yourself well informed of everything related to this pandemic crisis. There’s no better way than to download the Immuni App APK for Android. As long as this app is active, and remains in your library, you will constantly receive relevant notifications at all times relating to Italy.

This is perfect for anyone who cannot leave their home, or are too afraid to take the risk. As such, you can stay within the confines of your own private and safe space, while still having the necessary info.


Some news broadcasts don’t give everything you need to know. That’s where Immuni takes the spotlight in its effort to provide accurate and important pandemic information to its users.

With all of this being said, go ahead and install the immune APK download right now!

Download Immuni [32.43 Mb]


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