iMetric Premium APK 5.1.8

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Do you want to know about your Instagram metrics beyond what the app gives? In iMetric Premium, you’ll have access to all the important metrics right now!

iMetric Premium APK 5.1.8
Name iMetric Premium
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 5.1.8
Size 84.70 Mb
Category Productivity
Developer BeUse Apps
Price Free
Google Play Link com.followstat

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A lot of people today use various social media sites for different purposes. There are those that are using it just for personal purposes but there are also influencers and business owners who use it for business. Instagram sees millions of users every day around the globe and it’s a useful platform for a lot of things. But sometimes, it doesn’t give out a lot more analytics than we’d like to. For this reason, you should download iMetric Premium instead and get important data!

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With this app on your hands, you’re able to access our analytics right inside the app for convenience. Here, you can gain important knowledge about your follower count, followers gained, followers lost, your fans, un-followers, and many more! You can also see all the important data at a glance which includes your total posts, total likes, likes per post, total comments and comments per post. This app makes it easy for influencers and brand owners to see important metrics to grow even more.

Important Social Metrics

It’s not surprising to see that there are millions of Instagram users every day given that the platform has hundreds of millions of registered users. This is also true for other major social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even TikTok. Today, we use social media platforms for a variety of things namely to chat, video call, connect, upload photos, videos and follow people. We can do a lot with Instagram which is why there are a lot of influencers and brand owners on the app.

imetric premium apk latest version

Even if you’re not a business owner, the ability to see your Instagram metrics would be so handy. Instagram only shows you the total number of followers and other limited metrics. If you want to be able to grow more on the platform, you need to download iMetric Premium now. This is an app published by BeUse Apps and it features an account analyzer that will showcase all of your important data. Here, you’ll see all your followers gained, followers lost, fans, and un-followers.

You will also see the total post count, total likes count, and total comments. Moreover, you can see handy graphs to help you see your growth easily here.

iMetric Premium Features

If you’re an Instagram user, iMetric Premium is one of the best tools to have today. Here are the ways it can help you grow.

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Analyze Your Metrics – It’s easy to see why Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now. It can get too addictive as you can see a lot of images, videos, stories and follow many people you know and love. It’s also a platform that allows many influencers and business owners to thrive and make sales. But if you want to grow your account more, you can’t rely on the app’s clumsy metrics. You’ll need to download iMetric Premium now!

This app contains an account analyzer that allows you to see all your important numbers at a glance. Here, you’re able to see your number of followers, following, fans, un-followers, and so on. You’ll also be able to see your engagement rate easily as determined by the app from your account. Moreover, you can access other relevant data that will help you grow your account easily!

download imetric premium for android

See your Profile Overview – Although Instagram allows us to see some numbers on our profile, it isn’t enough in most cases. If you want to understand your audience and account more, you need this app! Here, you can see an overview of your number of followers, following, un-followers and fans. You can easily see it here on the app in real-time so you don’t have to do it on Instagram.

Engagement – The app also has a unique feature that displays your engagement rate in percentage! It calculates this based on relevant numbers it sees on your account easily. With that, you can see your total number of posts, total likes, likes per post, total comments and comments per post. This are some great numbers that will help you grow your account even more.

imetric premium mod apk new update

Account Statistics – iMetric Premium also has an audience insight that allows you to see all your relevant data in graph form. Here, you can see your followers, lost followers, likes and many more in an easy-to-digest graph! With this, you can easily see if your account is growing, stagnant or declining in each category so you can do something about it.

Compare Your Account – You can also compare your account with others so you can see how you fare! This is useful if you want to see how your account compares with an account of similar following and niche.

Download iMetric Premium APK – Latest version

Download iMetric Premium so you can grow your Instagram followers today! See your engagement and profile overview now.

Download iMetric Premium [84.70 Mb]


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