Hyper School APK 3.7

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Download Hyper School APK Latest Version free for Android to relive the joys of school life. Play through random class activities and games.

Hyper School APK 3.7
Name Hyper School
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.7
Size 164.84 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Suji Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.school.kid

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What were your favorite memories from school? Can you think of anything specific? Well, we know you can live through every single one of them when you play Hyper School for Android.

This is an addicting activities game where everything school related is possible. You’ll have a blast running through the various levels and completing activities. Don’t get your socks in a twist just yet, we haven’t even gotten to the best part of the game yet.


So grab your backpack, organize your notes (or not), and prepare because class is in session.

Fun School Activities

Hyper School for Android covers all scenes of the school life. For example, you could be in the midst of your classwork, preparing for an exam. Or, you could be in the middle of the halls and trying to clean out and organize your locker. Even, the boundless joys of recess are available to experience when playing the game.


On the gameplay side, the controls and objectives are pretty simple and straight-forward to understand. Your school tasks will be given out level by level, with a single quota needing to be met in order to proceed. You’ll be given very simple objectives per level, such as:

  • Carrying all available children within a certain amount of busses, leaving no child behind. Also, make sure not to pack too many kids, or the bus will BURST!
  • Organizing your lockers with matching items. These can increase over time and become even more complicated. You’ll need to really think about the best moves necessary.
  • Head to recess and play jump rope. You’ll need to jump against other children. So, make sure to be the last one standing.
  • Moving around balls within test tubes to match the same colors. This can increase in difficulty as you progress as well.
  • Cheating without being caught by the teacher. Keep your eyes peeled – the more kids you peak at, the higher your grade. Once you’re caught, it’s game over!
  • Collecting children within the area. Make sure everyone gets to class on time. Otherwise, everyone’s getting into serious trouble.
  • Erasing a chalk board of all its contents. Make sure to keep the board clean for the next lesson. More or less content will be displayed from time to time.
  • Finally, take a load off with a paper ball. Play some garbage ball and aim the ball into the trash can. Distance will change over time, so prepare your sick skills in advance before playing.

Customize Your Room

As you progress, you’ll get keys and gold as rewards. Gold can be used to buy more items for your own room. On the other hand, keys will unlock chests, these chests can have anything inside them. This means gold, or some special items to customize your room with.


Make sure you’ve got a nice comfortable space before heading into class.

Simple Graphics

Hyper school has some of the most simplistic 3D graphics you’ll ever witness. Even so, it doesn’t necessarily distract you from the gameplay. Just continue to enjoy the various tasks as you play with your simple colored blob-like person.

Hyper School APK Free Download

There is another way to skip the process of getting coins and keys for your room. This way, you can spend all of your time enjoying the various games, instead of grinding for money and items.


The modified version of the game will do just that for you. When you download Hyper School for Android, you lack the head start needed for your full amusement. But, the modified version offers:

So, play through the game without a care in the world. Download the Hyper School APK latest version and get back to school.

Download Hyper School [164.84 Mb]


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