How to Fight Jesse and James in Pokemon Go – Guide to Battle

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Pokemon Go Team Rocket Event

One of the regular events that has been going on is the Pokemon Go Team Rocket event. This is where you have the opportunity to battle against several different Grunt from the notorious Team Rocket group. In addition to having a few fun battles every week, you’ll also have the chance to capture some Shadow Pokemon. And, these dark monsters will also know the move Frustration, upon capture.

How to find jessie and james in Pokemon Go

These Grunts can be found through two different ways. First, you can find a random Team Rocket Grunt within a black Pokestop. The second method would be through hot air balloons. Every once in a while, from 12 until 6am, every time you log in, there will be a random hot air balloon to challenge.

Team Rocket Grunts aren’t too difficult to fight. However, Admins and the big boss Giovanni might cause some troubles for you.

Shadow Pokemon

Also, after a Team Rocket member has been defeated, you have the chance to catch their Shadow Pokemon. These can vary between common finds, or something super rare that you may not have caught before.

How to find jessie and james in Pokemon Go

Additionally, Shadow Pokemon give players a bit of a competitive edge in battle. These Pocket Monsters contain an attack boost, which makes them more viable than the average mon. Not only this, but you can also purify them to replace Frustration with Return.

In order to purify a Shadow Pokemon, there are a few prerequisites that need to be put into place beforehand. Depending on the species, you will need to invest a varying number of Stardust. For instance, some weaker Shadows will cost you around 1,000 Stardust. On the other hand, a legendary would cost up to 20,000 in comparison. We recommend not purify every single mon that you catch. Rather, only purify the ones you prefer, in order to conserve your Stardust.

Once they have been purified, you will be able to replace Return. Just get a Charged TM ready to replace these decent attacks with something more useful for yourself.

How to Find Jesse and James in Pokemon Go?

That’s not all, the popular duo of Team Rocket, known in the anime as Jesse and James are also in this game! Yes, you can find these two flamboyant members and fight them occasionally during your daily runs. So, how to find Jesse and James in Pokemon Go?

How to find jessie and james in Pokemon Go

There isn’t really a specific method to finding these guys. In fact, locating Jesse and James is more reliant on luck, rather than a specific trick. But luckily, once they do appear, they are especially easy to spot out. You can find Jesse and James from their iconic Meowth balloon. When you see the balloon, just tap on it to initiate the event.

Tips and Tricks to Beat Jesse and James

Jesse and James aren’t very difficult to beat. Just like in the anime, these guys aren’t really a threat. In fact, they are more of a spectacle than an actual challenge within the game. But, if you are still new to Pokemon Go, there could be a bit of a challenge present.

With all of that in mind, we’ve created this guide to help you get through these two. Follow along and you’ll understand their team, counters and best matchups.

How to Beat Jesse:

Jesse’s team isn’t top tier or anything, but it’s better to be prepared than unaware. First, she will send out her Scyther, which is a bug and flying type. Thus, you would be smart to bring a powerful rock type Pokemon for some massive damage! Some great recommendations would be Tyranitar, Rampardos, and even Rhyperior.

How to find jessie and james in Pokemon Go

Next, she will send out Ekans the poison type snake that Jesse is known to have from her first appearance. As a Poison type, they are especially weak against ground types and psychic types. If you brought a Rock/Ground mons like Rhyperior, then you have a 1-2 advantage. You can take down both of Jesse’s first 2 Pokemon with ease. Otherwise, just bring another ground type or a Psychic type, like Alakazam or Mewtwo.

Last, Stantler will be sent out. As a Normal type, Fighting types will make quick work of it. Lucario, Machamp, and any other powerful fighters will be best.

How to Beat James

Now, immediately after beating Jesse, you are challenged by James. James will be just as easy, if not easier than Jesse. His first Pokemon is the Bug type, Pinsir. Bringing a super-strong Fire type like Chandelure, Moltres, Entei, and more will turn this bug into ashes.

How to find jessie and james in Pokemon Go

After, James’s signature Koffing will come out next. Just as Ekans was dealt with, you can do the same for Koffing. Ground and Psychic make the ball of gas gassed-out.

Finally, another Poison type is sent out. This one is Grimer. Obviously, this one has the exact same weaknesses as the previous mon. So, you could actually bring in 2 different Psychic or Poison type Pokemon.

Enjoy Pokemon Go

If you haven’t already, you should definitely download Pokemon Go for Android and iOS devices. This is one of the best ways to experience the world of Pocket Monsters IN REAL LIFE.

How to find jessie and james in Pokemon Go

The concept is so simple, but something everyone has always wanted. Go outside, and catch some Pokemon. You are your own trainer, and your country is your region! As you continue to travel around, more and more Pokemon will appear before you.

Make sure to play consistently. Besides the Team Rocket Event, there are many other events and challenges to enjoy. Challenge Gyms and earn Gold to use to buy more resources and cosmetics. Or, you can do Raids to capture rare and even legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon have come to the real world. Download Pokemon Go for Android and iOS now to get started.


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