Helmet Heroes APK 10.6

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Download Helmet Heroes APK latest version and enjoy a rejuvenating RPG gaming session. It has multiple heroes and myriad customization options for guaranteed fun.

Helmet Heroes APK 10.6
Name Helmet Heroes
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Last version 10.6
Size 13M
Category Adventure
Developer Helmet Games
Price Free
Google Play Link air.HelmetHeroes

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Exclusive Details about Helmet Heroes Full Version APK 

If you love playing RPG games at the comfort of your mobile phone, you should download Helmet Heroes APK for Android. This is a dynamic adventure game offered by Helmet Games.

It comes with high-level customization options, allowing you to modify your heroes. This way, you will be the boss of your gameplay! You can choose the weapons, skins, and characters to utilize in your gaming escapades.

helmet heroes apk old version

Additionally, this game offers different levels with varying difficulties. You will experience PvP challenges that will earn you treasures. As such, you should ensure that you complete each level the fastest you can to rank up the global leaderboard. It will be all fun!

A Mind-Blowing Gaming Experience

Your primary role will be to explore territories and engage in battles. The RPG gaming mechanics will allow you to earn rewards as you play. In addition, the various heroes and their unique abilities will make your experience even more exciting!

In the beginning, you will only have a few unlocked heroes and weapons. However, as you play the game several times, you will unlock more heroes and weapons. The innovative system of this game lets you equip your heroes with different types of weapons to defeat enemies.

Ensure that you engage in quests to earn new heroes and weapons. You can also increase your chances of leveling up faster by purchasing items and upgrades from the store. As such, you should visit the store frequently to acquire these items. The price of the in-app purchases is in the range of $0.99 - $199.99 per item. 

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Whatever you do, just ensure that you gather treasures and become rich! Do this by conquering dungeons, completing quests, and earning trophies.

The game environment is very realistic, allowing you to enjoy a soothing gaming session anywhere at your convenience. You can play it while waiting for the bus or while having breakfast. It's all up to you!

The Artwork in this Game is Mind-Blowing!

This game features colorful, eye-catching graphics. Additionally, it has crisp visuals that make your gaming experience even more delightful. The animations are smooth, and the controls are user-friendly.

Moreover, this game features RPG mechanics that will allow you to perform attacks, upgrade your weapons, or view the items that you have collected. If you are a fan of action games, then Helmet Heroes APK is an ideal choice for you!

Straightforward Controls 

Helmet Heroes APK features 3D graphics that will blow your mind away. These are rendered in blocky style, which is really cool and unique.

You can control your protagonist by moving up, down, to the left, or right. Touch controls are also available for you to input commands to your hero.

helmet heroes apk mod

Playing this game is easy because you can use your thumb to move your hero anywhere on the battlefield. As such, there will be no unnecessary taps on your screen. Moreover, if you want to engage in quests or explore new maps, just tap on the quest button.

A Realistic Game with Alternative Maps

This game features diverse maps that you can enjoy playing. Each map has a different theme and distinct features, so you should select the one that gives more fun to your preferences.

You can play wasteland with plenty of buildings and abandoned cars for your adventure needs. Players will have some real-time PvP fights against other players on this map. You can also opt for a ski resort map with wide slopes and snowmen for your enjoyment. It has many maps that guarantee non-monotonous gameplay.

Unique Features of Helmet Heroes APK Free Download 

  • Over 600 Weapons! The game offers helmets, shields, and armors with various degrees of rarity. You can use these items to equip your heroes and earn additional points in battle!
  • 60 Pets Available. You can spice up your gameplay by collecting and utilizing pets, which benefits your characters. You can stroke them, ride them, and even send them to the battlefield!
  • Highly Interactive Platform. This game offers a trading system that allows you to exchange weapons. You can have full control over the process by just tapping the screen.
helmet heroes apk
  • Form a Guild with Friends. You can become part of a guild and enjoy playing along with your friends in real-time! This will give you an advantage when exploring new terrain, performing quests, or engaging in PvP battles.
  • 4 Different Classes. This game offers four classes that will allow you to enjoy diverse gameplay. It's up to you to choose your preferred class and explore the landscape! You can even mix them for an unmatched experience.
  • Over 30 Special Abilities. You can exploit special abilities to defeat your opponent, including the Bombard ability that allows you to launch projectiles. Enable the Pulse Jump ability and use it to fight stronger opponents.

Choose and Customize Your Hero

Unlike the Helmet Heroes APK old version, the new version has more customization options. It offers several classes of heroes, including a wise wizard, brave hero, cowboy, or even a cunning archer. Once you choose the right character for you, you can customize them by selecting their helmet and weapons.

Helmet Heroes APK

If you want advanced features of the game, you should download the Helmet Heroes APK. This modified version allows you to unlock unlimited tickets, so you can enjoy all features without worrying about how many items you can buy.

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Additionally, the Helmet Heroes APK is free of advertisements. As such, you can enjoy the game without distracting bugs and ads.


If you're looking for a game to bond with friends, download Helmet Heroes APK! It has unique features that allow you to strategize your moves. You can have access to online multiplayer battles or enjoy quests with other players on the same platform.

Download Helmet Heroes [13M]
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