Haunt the House APK 1.4.31

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Haunt the House APK download lets you scare people through your ghostly soul. It has horror-themed graphics and immersive sound systems for guaranteed enjoyment.

Haunt the House APK 1.4.31
Name Haunt the House
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+
Last version 1.4.31
Size 58M
Category Action
Developer SFB Games
Price $1.99
Google Play Link air.com.sfbgames.HauntTheHouseTerrortown

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Extensive Details of Haunt the House Game

Haunt the House APK 2022 is an action game by SFB Games. It has Halloween –like challenges that are not for the lighthearted. You will go through a terror town, where you will terrorize people and reclaim their space.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hospital or cruise ship, just showcase your ghostly soul and scare away people. This way, you will accelerate your chance of reclaiming houses.

haunt the house apk

Do you have the tenacity to scare everyone in the terror town to get back your lost glory? Download Haunt the House Terrortown APK and find out!

An Adrenaline-Filled Gameplay

Haunt the House APK Game is filled with terror. People will run from you, but that’s not enough to deter your ghostly acts. You have to be quick and find ways to overtake them fearlessly without getting caught.

Your primary goal will be to repossess the property. The more houses you reclaim, the more challenges you can accomplish. There are hidden objects that are scattered around terror town to help you collect spirits and increase your score.

Even better, you will have no limits on where and how to scare people and conquer the terror town. Whether you want to scare people in the streets, alleyways, or even hospitals, you can do it!

The Terrifying Haunts of Terror Town

Terror Town is no ordinary place, it's where people lived in fear due to the many ghosts around them. They are all looking for their houses to reclaim, and they won't stop until everyone is terrified.

haunt the house game

As you roam through the streets of terror town, beware because some ghosts will try to hinder your reclamation efforts. If you want to send them back into the darkness, use your powerful Haunt attacks or upgrade your abilities as a ghost.

Resolve Many Puzzles and Advance Your Gameplay

You will face many challenges as you reclaim houses from the many people living in the terror town. To proceed, you need to solve challenging puzzles and trickery.

Use your wits and skills to achieve a flawless victory over these tasks! There are also plenty of ways to upgrade your ghostly powers – by collecting hidden objects around terror town or defeating ghosts in battle.

Unique Features of Haunt the House Flash Game

  • Exhilarating Challenges. There are plenty of dangers in terror town that you have to be aware of. You will encounter many people who want your ghostly soul but don't let them get away!
haunt the house flash game
  • Solvable Puzzles. To reclaim houses, solving puzzles is the key to success. Brain over brawn is what you need here so use your head to succeed. You will also be able to upgrade your ghostly powers as you collect hidden items or defeat ghosts in battle.
  • Upgrade Your Abilities. As you cross each house, you gain experience and unlock new abilities that can make your quest faster and easier to accomplish. Upgrade your ghostly powers and continue dominating the terror town!
  • Android TV Supported. The terror town is now bigger than ever as you can play this game on your TV! Now, everyone in the family can enjoy playing Haunt the House Terrortown APK. Even better, you do not need a gamepad because you can use remote control.
  • Superior 3D Graphics. The terror town looks like a real ghost town that is filled with spooks and scares. You can also enjoy superior 3D graphics as you play this game! It has a perfect Halloween-themed soundtrack to make your gameplay more exciting and thrilling!

Visit the Icy Cold North Pole!

The Haunt the House Game Free version is not just about reclaiming houses, it's also about reclaiming your lost glory. Start from the bottom and reach the topmost part of terror town!

Once you have reclaimed all houses, you can move to a different terror town. This time, however, winter has come! The Haunted House HD APK will now be in a different terror town that has frozen everywhere.

This new terror town is located in the North Pole, and it has all the necessities to set the stage for another exhilarating quest.

Explore an Entire Carnival

The Haunt the House APK full version enables you to go beyond terror town as it lets you visit a carnival. Be entertained as you wander around the various booths and ride on roller coasters!

haunt the house terrortown apk

Different terror towns offer different experiences for all players, but now with more freedom to roam around. It will be a new world for you to explore and have fun in!

Possess Objects & Treasures

Haunt the House Terrortown APK download also enables you to possess items and treasures. You can then use them to further your ghostly adventures!

The more items you collect, the more your skills are upgraded. You have to have them all to become the best ghost that ever lived!

Haunt the House Terrortown APK Free Download

You can install this app directly from your Google Play Store account. While the game is free to play, you will pay $1.99 to download it.

However, this is a small price to pay, considering all the exciting adventures you can have with this game. You will also not get advertisements when using the Haunted House Slot APK application!

Haunt the House APK

The modded version of the app allows you to access all features without paying the download fees. It also enables you to avoid advertisements and unlock all features quickly.

haunt the house game free

As such, the Haunt the House game unblocked offers you more fun and excitement than ever! Its top-notch graphics and exciting adventures will keep you satisfied until the very end!


Haunt the House APK Free download is your ultimate game if you are into horror games. It keeps you entertained and offers new experiences that you will never forget!

Be the best ghost ever by reclaiming all houses in terror town. Upgrade your abilities, collect hidden items or defeat ghosts in the battle to get more power!

Download Haunt the House [58M]


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