GM WhatsApp APK 2021

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Do you use instant messaging apps? Download GM WhatsApp APK 2021 now to enjoy many themes, hide last active, lock app, and many customizations today.

GM WhatsApp APK 2021
Name GM WhatsApp
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2021
Size 67 MB
Category Communication
Developer GM WhatsApp, Inc
Price Free

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Download GM WhatsApp APK – Complete Instant Messaging

If you’re someone who loves smartphones, you can use them for many things right now. Thanks to smartphones, we can do a lot of things that we can generally do on computers.

There are so many great instant messaging apps that you can use right now to contact anyone. With so many apps that you can choose from today, you can enjoy WhatsApp, one of the most popular. But with GM WhatsApp, you can enjoy a complete app.

gm whatsapp download

If you’re someone who loves using instant messaging apps, then this one is the ultimate one. It’s the complete version of WhatsApp in that it features a lot of valuable tools for you.

Most notably, you can now change themes which is a feature that wasn’t possible with the original one. Then, you can also access other features like Hide Status View, which lets you hide your status from a select group of contacts. You can also read deleted messages and enjoy other privacy options.

Most Complete Instant Messaging App

You’re able to enjoy so many apps today that you can freely download for your phone. There are so many types of apps that you can download and enjoy for your phone nowadays.

You’re able to have fun with the complete app today if you download them right now. There are games, maps, editing, social media apps, streaming, and many more. But if you want to connect with others, you can use instant messaging apps today. There are so many available ones!

The most popular instant messaging apps are Facebook Messenger, Viber, QQ, WhatsApp, and many more. Since Facebook owns WhatsApp, it’s one of the most popular instant messaging apps today, with hundreds of millions of users.

gm whatsapp latest version

The app can chat, video chat, send texts and files with other users worldwide. But even if the app is free, it lacks a lot of functionalities and restricts many tools. This is why many users tend to find other apps to use instead.

But you don’t need to use other apps today if you want to enjoy more features! You can download GM WhatsApp, which is a modified version and a complete one today. With this app, you can easily change the theme as plenty of available ones to select from.

It also has a lot of convenient tools like the Hide View Status, Hide Last Active, View Deleted Messages, Typing Indicator, Lock App, and more. You can easily customize the app from the texts, icons, fonts, and theme! There are more features that you can find down below!

GM WhatsApp Highlights

If you’re someone who always chats and calls others, download GM WhatsApp so you can easily connect and enjoy many features.

A complete WhatsApp – You’re able to enjoy so many apps today with the existence of smartphones. Thanks to these devices, we’re free to download many apps and access so many websites. There is a lot of free content that we can enjoy nowadays with an internet connection on our phones.

Most importantly, we can contact anyone anytime, wherever they are located in the world! These are called instant messaging apps, and they make our lives infinitely more accessible. If you want a complete one, you can download GM WhatsApp.

gm whatsapp new version

This app was derived from the original WhatsApp, but it’s been upgraded so users can enjoy more features. It features all the same tools that you can enjoy on the original app like chat, video chat, files, and many more.

But it has a lot of added features, such as the ability to see deleted messages. You can also hide your typing status if you don’t want others to know that you’re typing. You can also lock your app with a PIN or a password so only you can access it.

Full customization – A lot of users have complained about the lack of customization on WhatsApp. This is what compelled the developers of GM WhatsApp to create this app! Here, you can fully customize the phone as you can change the theme.

There are many themes to choose from, ranging from a variety of colors and styles. You can also customize the notification bar, chat scree, icons, fonts, and many more. You’re in charge of how your app will look!

Privacy options – One of the best features of this app is the privacy options. Here, you can enjoy all sorts of privacy tools that you wouldn’t usually get on the original app. For instance, you can hide when you were last active, view status, and view deleted messages.

You can also turn off the typing indicator, lock your app and do many more things. The app has all sorts of privacy options to protect your privacy when using it completely. The original app doesn’t allow users to turn off these settings!

Hide Media – With GM WhatsApp, you’re able to hide media from the gallery in the app.

gm whatsapp update

Whether it’s a photo or a video, you can safely store them here, so you don’t need to save them. The app also lets you preview the picture or videos that you receive, so you don’t need to download them on your phone! 

Lock app – If you want to keep your app safe from prying eyes, you can lock it up using a PIN or password. The app has a built-in lock that allows access to only those who know the password!

With this, you have an extra layer of protection even if you lose your phone today. Keep your essential and private conversations safe!

Download GM WhatsApp APK – latest version 2021

With GM WhatsApp, you can freely enjoy connecting with everyone with a complete instant messaging app.

Download GM WhatsApp [67 MB]


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