GeaCron APK 55.0 (Paid for free)

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Download Geacron APK if you love history, geography or studying the world map. Geacron APK allows you to explore your love for geography and history with other users.

GeaCron APK 55.0 (Paid for free)
Name GeaCron
Compatible with Android 2.0+
Last version 55.0
Size 1.9 MB
Category Education
Developer GEACRON
Price $3.49
Google Play Link com.geacron

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Description of Geacron APK

Do you love geography? Or are you a historic enthusiast? It would help if you got this game, Geacron APK, to explore geographic content, as it helps when studying. Geacron APK provides a detailed map of areas of different countries at a single tap. The application is developed to provide the history of many areas and iconic past events.

geacron apk for android

There is no complexity with this app; you can check out all you need to on a country with a single tap on the map area. Geacron APK is perfect for geology or geography students; it will help with assignments, write-ups, articles, etc. This application has been programmed to provide you with detailed information about any country worldwide.

If you're a novice or naive about studying geography, Geacron APK for android is the best motivator or accomplice to help in the study. You don't have to worry about geography. With this application, you will learn new things about any country on the map.

The Geacron APK latest version has updated features and supports several languages, so this is not a barrier to your experience in this application. Geacron APK incorporates advanced technology into the map to show trading routes in the largest countries known for trading. We can classify this application as an educational App.

To make user's accessibility smooth, we offer the Geacron APK free download below; this way, you won't pay to access its numerous features. This is a must-have app for everyone in history or geography study. Geacron team of intellectuals developed and published this game with over 1 million downloads. Everyone can use this application. Join millions of users or geologists to explore this application. You can get the Geacron APK download as you read further in this piece. Anticipate the Geacron APK, a modified version that will provide mouth-watering features.

geacron apk download

Features of Geacron APK

As an educational application, Geacron APK has many exciting features, which include the following;

Free Geography Application

This is a free study application. Users don't have to pay for this application; no premium version requires a subscription. Unlike other learning applications, Geacron APK allows users to explore its features for free.

Study Geography

Geacron APK is excellent for studying geology, locations, topography and other geography-related things. It provides detailed and accurate information about different locations, the landscape, rocks, terrains and many more. There is no error with this app as it accurately shows the world map. Everything geography is straightforward and easy to understand in this application. Join other users to download this game and enjoy studying geography at school or home.

Great user interface

The User interface has been the most looked out for feature in apps or games. Geacron APK was not short of this feature, as it has an excellent user interface that is easy to use and navigate through. This is one of the most significant features that attract users' attention, gaining high downloads and usage worldwide. You can't help but use this application with its interface.

geacron apk free

Simple controls

To check out an area on this application is not complex; it is easy to do with a single tap on your mobile device. A single tap on any location on the world map brings out information about the area

There is no weird science in this application, and when you download the application, you will take a tour through the usage and functionalities.

Great zoom feature

Geacron APK has accurate zooming technology that displays all on the map clearly. The zoom feature has excellent resolution; that is, all images and locations are clearly seen without being blurry. The zoom-in and out feature does not distort your experience while using the application—download Geacron APK to explore these features.

Search bar

If you don't want to spend time searching for a country on the map, you can use the search bar feature in the application. This search bar allows you to type a location, press enter, and all information about the location shows up. The search bar icon is intuitive, and it responds swiftly when used.

geacron apk mod

Multilingual Support

Geacron APK is widely accepted; that is, there is no location barrier, and anyone can use it. In addition, Geacron APK supports diverse languages in the world. English, Deutsch, Portugal, Francais and other users will get the best use of this application. This is super interesting, making Geacron APK  widely accepted.


Geacron APK is an amazing platform to explore many geological, geographical and historical features with intuitive control and highly compatible mobile support. Users worldwide appreciate this application; therefore, you can't go wrong using the application. Join other users to download Geacron APK and enjoy a smooth study of history and geography.

Download GeaCron [1.9 MB]


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