YoYa Busy Life World APK 3.16

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Do you love exploring, trying new clothes, and going on adventures? Enjoy YoYa Busy Life World APK Unlocked all now! This is a virtual dollhouse that you can enjoy now.

YoYa Busy Life World APK 3.16
Name YoYa Busy Life World
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 3.16
Size 746.24 Mb
Category Education
Developer YoYa World
Price Free
Google Play Link com.novakids.busylifeworld

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Download YoYa Busy Life World APK – Fun World

There are many types of games available right now that you can play. You can download many games and enjoy them on your phone for free today.

You can enjoy so many different games to play like shooting, racing, RPG, 3D, and many more. If you're looking for a fun simulation game, then you can download YoYa Busy Life World today!

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If you're someone who loves dollhouses, then think of this game as a virtual dollhouse. Here, you can create your digital characters as you're free to dress them up however you want. You can put up makeups, dresses, and extraordinary fashion items and go outside.

You can go to different locations such as malls, pet stores, groceries, gaming arcades, and many more. You can do all sorts of things here, such as customize, get gifts and explore. You can build your best life in this relaxing game today.

Explore and Enjoy

You can enjoy so many things right now that you can download. There are many mobile games available today which you can download and play for free. There are all types of games that you can download right now, such as racing, RPG, simulation, adventure, puzzles, and many more.

Even if you're a kid or not, you can enjoy all sorts of games today. You can even find simulation games that make your childhood dreams come true! In YoYa Busy Life World, you can enjoy a virtual dollhouse game.

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In this game published by YoYa World, you're able to create the best life that you've always imagined. You can fully immerse yourself in a fun world full of unique locations in this game.

First, you can customize your character as you select its name, facial features and adorn it with clothes. You can select what you want to wear here as you can enjoy dresses, sportswear, formal wear, and more.

You can also explore various locations in the game, such as your home, shopping mall, hair salon, beauty shop, and more. Here, you can enjoy gifts each day and a fun game!

YoYa Busy Life World Features

You can download and enjoy playing cute simulation games like YoYa Busy Life World!

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Explore and enjoy – You're able to enjoy a lot of fun games today that you can download. If you're someone who's always looking for the best games, then you can find simulation ones right now. Games like these are fun because they make all your wishes come true.

If you've ever played dollhouses as a kid, then you know just how fun they are to play. In YoYa: Busy Life World, you're able to enjoy a fun new world that you can play in.

In this game, you're free to have fun as you immerse yourself in a colorful world today. Here, you can explore many locations, such as the hair salon, where you can get your hair done.

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You can also explore the shopping mall where you can do your groceries, play in the video arcade, watch movies and buy clothes. You can also go to the fashion store to buy clothes and fancy fashion items. Then, you can go home and relax or decorate your house!

Lots of locations – You can freely explore the massive world that the developers prepared for you in this game. Here, you can enjoy going to different locations like your home to create your family members. Here, you can make them do various jobs and even spend time with them.

Then, you can go to the shopping mall if you're getting bored. You can enjoy visiting the pet store, video arcade, and many more. You can also go to the hair salon if you want to change your appearance. Lastly, you can go to the beauty shop and fashion store for other items.

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Customize your character – YoYa: Busy Life World is a game that lets you freely customize your character however you want. You can also customize the other characters that are in the game. Feel free to play a fun game where you can do whatever you want.

This game doesn't limit your creativity, as you can make anyone do anything. You can place people anywhere you like and make them do grocery shopping, change their clothes, and more.

Colorful graphics – If you've ever wanted a dollhouse but couldn't afford one, then this game is the solution! This game makes all of your wishes come true. Here, you can find the best items to discover, animals to take care of, and more.

Download YoYa Busy Life World APK

Try YoYa: Busy Life World now and immerse yourself in a new world if you're looking for the best recreational game to play.

Download YoYa Busy Life World [746.24 Mb]


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