Gamer Cafe APK 1.1.29

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In Gamer Cafe APK, you can manage your own internet cafe. Hire employees, build your gaming house, play games and grow your business today.

Gamer Cafe APK 1.1.29
Name Gamer Cafe
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.1.29
Size 168.37 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer 成都品游科技有限公司(PapaBox)
Price Free
Google Play Link com.papabox.wangbaworld.ggplay

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Download Gamer Cafe  APK – Internet Cafe

There are many enjoyable simulation games to download right now. You can find many simulation games about every topic right now, like shooting, racing, business, and more.

You can enjoy so many fun and exciting simulation games today that you can play. If you’re looking for something unique, then perhaps you can download Gamer Cafe and enjoy a fun game. Here, you’ll need to manage your own internet cafe business.

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If you didn’t know, an internet cafe is a business that lets users rent out computers to search the web, play games, and enjoy other things. This type of business is prevalent in Asia, where many gamers can’t afford an expensive computer unit.

In this game, you’ll manage your own internet cafe business as you slowly expand. Here, you can freely buy computers, desks, recruit employees and promote your store. You can hand out flyers to passersby and upgrade your facilities! Can you make your business known worldwide?

Internet Cafe Business

There are many types of businesses that are available worldwide today. Many businesses are available right now, which you can enjoy. There are pharmacies, supermarkets, office supplies, and many more. Businesses allow the economy of a country to thrive as well as make an individual wealthy.

If you’re someone who loves games and businesses, then you can play Gamer Cafe today. This is a game that challenges you to manage your own internet cafe business from scratch. You’re responsible for the marketing and management of your business!

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If you enjoy managing businesses, then Gamer Cafe is the game for you. This is a game where you’ll need to manage an internet cafe business which is a place where people can play games.

Here, you can promote your store to passersby through flyers. You can also put up many computers and upgrade your facilities as you earn more money. You’ll need to provide the best gaming experience if you want to get more customers. Here, you can also recruit employees to help you.

In Gamer Cafe, you’re able to level up your business by expanding more rooms and buying new computers and games.

Capabilities of Gamer Cafe

Many things go on in a business. In Gamer Cafe, you’ll be able to manage your internet cafe!

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Manage your internet cafe – There are so many businesses you can enjoy in the real world today. You can put up different types of businesses today, provided that you have enough capital to start.

There are many kinds of businesses available today that you can enjoy. But if you’re someone who loves playing games, then there’s no doubt that you can play Gamer Cafe right now!

In this game, your task is to manage your own internet cafe business. If you didn’t know, this business lets people play games and do all sorts of things on the computer.

Here, you can hand out flyers to people, so they come to your shop to play. In this game, you can recruit employees to help manage your business by serving customers and promoting the shop. Here, you can also offer food, loyalty cards, and other promotions to help your brand be known worldwide.

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Purchase equipment and facilities – In Gamer Cafe, you’re able to start from scratch. Here, you can buy equipment such as computers, games, and food and many more. You can set up new rooms and others as you grow your internet cafe business gradually.

This is a game that challenges your savvy business skills as you try to operate an internet cafe. You’ll also be able to upgrade your location and your facade to entice more customers! This is a game that lets you keep upgrading so you can get more customers.

Market your business – In this game, you can market your business through flyers. You can hand out your flyers to potential customers that are walking in front of your store.

Then, you can also market your business through loyalty cards and by buying more trending games. There are so many things to do in this game, and you must conquer all obstacles to win.

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Recruit employees – In Gamer Cafe, you can recruit various employees that will fulfill unique roles.

There’s the shop attendant, general manager, cleaner, security guard, and many more. You can hire as many employees as you need as your needs grow. This is a challenging and fun game that you can play today!

Build your e-Sports team – Aside from managing your shop, you can also build the ultimate e-Sports team! You can join many tournaments and win many prizes.

Download Gamer Cafe APK

In Gamer Cafe, you’re able to manage your internet cafe today. Earn lots of money today with games.

Download Gamer Cafe [168.37 Mb]


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