Game Space Vivo APK v9.0.5.9

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Game Space APK Vivo download is the ultimate app for Vivo gamers. It integrates features that improve the functionality of your Vivo phone when playing games.

Game Space Vivo APK v9.0.5.9
Name Game Space Vivo
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version v9.0.5.9
Size 24 MB
Category Casual
Developer Vivo Software
Price Free

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In-Depth Details about Game Space APK for Vivo

Game Space APK download for Vivo is an entertainment app that enables you to take control of your gameplay and customize it as you would wish. It has a simple-to-use interface, allowing you to access all the features you need without a hassle.

If you’ve experienced prolonged latencies when gaming, you should not hesitate to get the latest version of Vivo Game Space APK download for android. It comes with exceptional features such as call blocking, notifications delay, and brightness control.

game space apk for vivo

Even better, this application is lightweight and won’t affect the functionality of other apps. It focuses on improving your concentration, eliminating distractions, and improving performance.

Consolidate All Your Games!

Do you play different games on your Vivo phone? If so, you opine that it can be time-consuming to exit one game before starting another. This application allows you to consolidate all your games into one screen for easy access.

The new Game Space provides optimization of three major scenarios. The first scenario is optimizing gameplay by clearing the notification shade and status bar so you can focus on your game.

The second scenario is by reducing the screen temperature to avoid eye fatigue and skin irritation when exposed to a bright screen for long periods.

game space apk vivo

Lastly, it saves battery power that you can use later while playing games or other activities such as watching video clips.

The application also comes with an optional battery saver feature that reduces power consumption by restricting background activity and closing idle apps.

Benefits of Using Game Space APK for Vivo

  • Multitasking Feature. Multitasking allows you to access other apps while playing a game. However, this can affect your performance if the screen keeps changing from one app to another. Game Space APK download for Vivo offers a solution by allowing you to open two games in split-screen mode and play them simultaneously.
  • Game Tools. It has a built-in screen recorder that you can use to record your games and share them on social media platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook. Also, there is a screenshot utility, allowing you to take screenshots of the gameplay.
  • Boost/Game Boost. This feature gives you access to several controls that help boost your gaming performance. You can prolong the battery life while playing games or postpone calls and notifications to avoid distractions.
  • Notification Delay. Another useful feature is the notification delay option, which allows you to control interruptions during gameplay by waiting until your game session is over.

All these features are added to Game Space APK for Vivo, giving you unprecedented control of your gameplay and ensuring that you enjoy it without any distractions.

New Ultra Game Mode

The latest version of Vivo Game Space comes with a built-in Ultra Game Mode that further enhances your gaming experience. It has Brightness and Game modes that you can use to adjust the screen brightness and optimize it for gaming. You can also pause the Super Power saving mode when using this profile.

game space voice changer apk vivo

Additionally, it comes with a customizable key binding, enabling you to customize your key configuration for your games. It saves time and gives you access to different game commands.

Game Space Voice Changer APK Vivo

An interesting feature included in the application is the voice changer that allows you to change your voice during gameplay. You can choose from both male and female voices, each with different tones.

Additionally, you can record the game while commentating. This allows you to share your gameplay on social media or make videos of your own for others to watch.

Unique Features of Game Space Vivo Y11

  • Enable FPS Counter

When you launch a game, the app will display your current FPS along with the maximum number of frames per second your phone can handle. Using this feature, you can easily identify the games that drain your device's battery as well as those that eat up too much storage space. In short, Game Space has one-tap optimization features for both performance and storage.

  • Adjust Volume Level

The application gives you total control over the volume level of every sound effect, music, music playback, and voice chat. So if you want to boost the sound effects while keeping other sounds at a low level, or vice versa, you can do it with ease using this app.

  • Adjust Notification Level

The application gives you the power to customize how many interruptions your games get from notification alerts and calls. You can choose to mute both incoming calls and messages or set different notification levels for each of the two.

vivo game space apk download for android
  • Clear the RAM

When you close a game, the Memory Booster will clear any unnecessary data in the Activity Manager to free up some space and improve performance.

  • Enable DND Mode

The DND mode automatically mutes notifications and calls to allow you to focus on your game. And when the Call Mode is enabled, it will silence both incoming messages and calls so that you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

How to Download Game Space APK Vivo?

Game Space is not available on the Play Store, which means you can only download it using a third-party Android app store. However, the application requires different permissions.

It also contains an auto start option that allows the app to run when you boot your device. This makes downloading the app a breeze. Ensure that you've enabled the unknown download settings before starting the process.


Game Space Voice Changer APK download Vivo is a must-have application for gamers who want to optimize their Android devices and boost performance.

It is a powerful application that comes with many useful features to give you a seamless gaming experience. For example, it allows you to record your gameplay and share it with friends. You can also change your voice!

Download Game Space Vivo [24 MB]


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