Gacha Star APK 1.5

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Are you fond of dress-up games? Download Gacha Star APK today! Create your characters as there are many dresses as well. Create unique scenes here!

Gacha Star APK 1.5
Name Gacha Star
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version 1.5
Size 200 MB
Category Casual
Developer Gacha Star, INC
Price Free

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Download Gacha Star APK – Customize Characters

There are a lot of games that kids and adults will love playing today. You can find so many casual games that you can download and enjoy right now on your phone.

These games don’t take away too much of your time and effort, but they’re still enjoyable. You can find different types of these games depending on your taste and style. But if you’re more into dress-ups, then you can download Gacha Star right now!

gacha star android download

This game that you can freely download today is derived from the PC game. Here, you can create your own Gacha character from scratch, which you can customize freely. There are ten characters available and 90 extras to enjoy a lot.

Here, you can choose gender, skin color, hair, eyes, and other things. You can also customize their outfit to select from different objects and even pets. Then, you can choose from different poses and create unique scenes with your characters.

Welcome to the Gacha World

You can find many exciting games to download on your phone right now. There are many casual games that you can enjoy right now on your phone. They’re fun and easy to play, making them attractive to kids, adults, teens, and every player today.

If you’re a gamer who’s looking for a game that lets you have fun without spending too much effort, then you can install Gacha Star! This is a fun dress-up game where you create characters and stories.

Gone are the days when kids would play dollhouses physically. Today, you can freely download many of them, including this one. This is a bit different from a dollhouse, but you can create your character here.

gacha star apk_optimized

You’re free to customize ten main characters and 90 extra ones with their hair, eyes, and clothes. There are a lot of items to choose from as there are also many pets to accompany your characters. In this game, you can freely create stories through Studio Mode.

You can make your character do any pose you want in this mode!

Gacha Star Capabilities

If you don’t mind playing a fun dress-up game, try Gacha Star now and enjoy a fun experience.

Enjoy the Gacha world – There are a lot of incredible casual games that you can enjoy anytime you want. They’re fun and unique as they can be played anywhere. They’re low-effort games, so you can play them anytime you want without too much commitment.

This means that you can download them on your phone and play them anytime you’re bored. One of the most enjoyable ones in this category is Gacha Star! This is a dress-up game that’s fun and refreshing.

gacha star download

You can customize 90 Gacha characters in this game, including ten main ones and 90 extra ones. You can freely adjust the different body parts like hair, skin color, eyes, and fashion. There are many clothes to choose from for your character here as there are also many accessories.

You can make your character resemble yourself or any other person! There are over 600 poses here that your characters can do so that you can create stunning videos in the Studio Mode! Feel free to have fun right now. 

Customize characters – If you’re someone who loves playing and customizing, then we found the perfect game for you! In Gacha Star, you can completely customize your characters today. You can freely change the way their eyes look, hair, body, and other things.

gacha star apk

You can also customize their clothes freely as many items to choose from here. You can select hats, lower, upper, accessories, others, extra and more. This game also lets you enjoy presets, body, head, clothes, and others. There are a lot of things to customize here!

Studio Mode – You can also use Studio Mode to create unique scenes in this game. After customizing your characters, you can put them in scenes you create. Here, you can choose from over 900 poses so you can adjust every little thing.

Then, you can select the background, add pets, and enjoy many other objects. There are over 15 scenes that you can enjoy, and you can even add a narrator. Here, you can freely make your characters talk to each other!

Battle and Mini-Games – The game also has a lot of mini-games for you to enjoy when you’re bored. There’s also the ability to battle others! Complete quests and get rewards in this game.


gacha star apk download

Download Gacha Star APK – Latest version

If you want to enjoy Gacha characters, Gacha Star App download and create epic scenes with your characters.

Download Gacha Star [200 MB]


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