FriendCaller Mod APK 4.0.12

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Do you want to have an all-in-one messaging app? Download FriendCaller now and enjoy instant messaging, calls, group video chats, and messages for free.

FriendCaller Mod APK 4.0.12
Name FriendCaller
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 4.0.12
Category Communication
Developer C2Call GmbH
Price Free

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There are so many ways we can enjoy our smartphones nowadays since it allows us to play games, download apps, browse the internet, and more. But one of its primary uses is it will enable us to enjoy communicating with our loved ones, family, and other people as well.

With this, you can quickly contact different people without the need to use telephones today. But with FriendCaller, you can enjoy various ways to reach others now freely.

friendcaller apk

This app allows you to enjoy so many things at once to communicate with different people. With this app, you’re free to call anyone as if you’re using your phone’s sim carrier freely. Here, you can also enjoy call forwarding, history, messages, instant messaging, and more.

You can also enjoy video calling with up to 7 participants today with audio access. You can also log in directly to your Facebook here and enjoy other features without problems. Enjoy the complete messaging app ever with FriendCaller!

Enjoy the Ultimate Messaging App

There are so many enjoyable apps that you can enjoy right now since you can download them all for free. There are numerous apps in existence now that serve different purposes and for various uses.

friendcaller apk mod

But aside from that, we can enjoy these apps for free since the developers made them easy for us to download. There are many messaging apps out there today that you can enjoy, but FriendCaller is a free one. This is an app that allows you to contact anyone you want for free today.

Here, you can call and message any number today as the app will provide you with a unique number. You can then send images, videos, files, and other things to your contacts who have the app now. You can also enjoy using this app to send messages and enjoy video calls with up to 7 people today.

Have fun with this ultimate messaging app today, where you can enjoy plenty of cheap international calls, messages, and more. You can also invite friends and import address books now.

download friendcaller for android

Have fun with FriendCaller today so you can enjoy plenty of ways to contact people.

Features of FriendCaller

If you want to contact your friends, workmates, family, and others, then you’ll need FriendCaller today!

All-in-one messaging app – Do you want to enjoy an app where you can contact anyone today? There are tons of free messaging apps you can download, like Facebook Messenger, Kakao Talk, WeChat, LINE, and many more.

friendcaller apk latest version

Most social media platforms today allow you to message and video chat with anyone. But if you want an all-in-one messaging app where you can do everything, you need FriendCaller. This is a unique app that you can enjoy freely today without limits.

Here, you’re free to call anyone you want, from local to international calls! You can also enjoy sending text messages, sending videos, images, animations, voice and video messages.

You’ll have a unique number here that others can call you with as long as they have the app. Feel free to enjoy call forwarding, message history, and you can even connect your Facebook app here! This is one of the complete messaging apps that you can want today.

Multimedia messaging – If you’re looking for the ultimate messaging app to download, FriendCaller is the best one. This is one of the complete multimedia messaging apps because it allows you to send many files. You can send PDFs, messages, images, videos, audio files, and other types of files.

friendcaller apk free download

You can use this app to send group messages, so you don’t need to send them individually. Enjoy plenty of features when you download this app, as you can create as many groups as you want!

Local and international calls – FriendCaller supports local and international calls, so you don’t have to pay anything to your sim carrier.

Now, you can quickly get international calls as you don’t have to pay anything. Enjoy texting and calling today as long as your contact has this app installed. Send all sorts of files now and have fun!

Send messages and files – FriendCaller allows anyone to send messages and files for free. You can send any file as you would in any other instant messaging apps today.

friendcaller apk update

Location sharing – Share your location now easily with this app! You can also import and export contact books so you can quickly transfer contacts.

Call forwarding, message history, and Facebook connect – Enjoy call forwarding, message history, and connecting your Facebook account as well.

Download FriendCaller APK – Latest version

If you want to enjoy an all-in-one app today, download FriendCaller now! Have fun with plenty of functions.

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