FollowMeter APK 5.2

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Do you want to track your Instagram analytics beyond what the app shares? Download FollowMeter APK now and get a lot of insights into your account.

FollowMeter APK 5.2
Name FollowMeter
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 5.2
Size 42.57 Mb
Category Social
Developer BeakerApps
Price Free
Google Play Link com.beakerapps.instameter2

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We’re using the internet a lot these days thanks to the benefits it brings. There are so many apps and websites today that we use daily for work or personal matters.

You’re reading this today means that you’re using the internet, which houses many websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. But if you want to enjoy a lot of insights into your Instagram account, download FollowMeter now and get relevant info today.

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With this app, you’re free to get the insights you need from your Instagram account. Here, you can see all your unfollows as you’ll get notified every time someone unfollows you.

Aside from that, you’ll also see who’s not following you back, who views your stories, who like your posts a lot, your secret admirers, who blocked you, and many more. This app will show you everything that Instagram isn’t showing you today. With this, you can gain insights and make decisions to grow your account!

Instagram Insights

There are many excellent apps and websites today that you can enjoy. We’re seeing many people want so many things on the internet today as we’re using it regularly.

followmeter for instagram mod apk

There are many things we can do with the internet, and one of them is browsing social media platforms like Instagram. You can create an account, follow, unfollow and post photos and videos on this platform. But if you want to gain insights into your account, then you’ll need FollowMeter today!

This is an app that allows you to see your analytics for your Instagram accounts. Although you’ll be able to see some analytics on the app itself, it’s not complete. But with this app, you’ll be notified when someone unfollows you, and you’ll even know who it is!

You’ll also be able to see other analytics like the users who aren’t following you back, users who view your stories the most, top likers, secret admirers, ghost followers, and many more.

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This app is perfect for business owners, influencers, and regular people looking to grow their Instagram account. With this app, you’re now able to enjoy Instagram more!

Highlights of FollowMeter

There are a lot of things that you can do on Instagram. But with FollowMeter, you can enjoy more insights into your account today.

Get insights – There are so many amazing things that you can do on Instagram today. You can post photos, videos and like other posts, follow people, enjoy stories, and many more.

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Since Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps today, it’s being used by tons of people today. But if you want to know more stats about it, then FollowMeter is the app you need to download now. With this app, you’re free to get many insights into your account today.

Here, you’ll primarily be able to see who unfollowed you as you’ll get notified immediately. You’ll also see your secret admirers, users who gave likes and comments but aren’t following you.

You’ll also have an advanced story tracker here where you can see who has seen your stories from your followers and the non-followers. You’ll also see who your top likers are, see who isn’t following you back, and many more.

Track unfollowers – Although we’ll notice if someone unfollows us on Instagram, it doesn’t give detailed analytics. With FollowMeter, you’ll immediately see who unfollowed you as you’ll be notified in real-time!

followmeter mod apk

With this app, you’ll be able to see who unfollowed you every time. You can see who’s not following you back so you can return the favor. With this app, you can be on top of things today.

Secret admirers – If you’re ever curious as to who is your secret admirers on Instagram, this app will show you everything! Here, you’ll be able to see users who gave likes and comments but don’t follow you.

These are people who are constantly searching for your account and engaging with your posts. This means that they either have feelings for you or they’re admiring you.

Other stats – The app is also capable of providing you with a lot of different stats today.

followmeter mod apk download

Here, you’ll see the people who viewed your stories the most, top likers, ghost followers, users who blocked your account, posts that have the most engagements, and many more. You’re free to enjoy the activity meter, where you’ll be able to see your account engagement.

Dark mode – The app also has a Dark Mode that you can enjoy right now. With this, you can enjoy a mode where you can easily browse the app at night.

Download FollowMeter APK

With FollowMeter, you’re able to track people who unfollowed you on Instagram. You’ll also be able to see other insights!

Download FollowMeter [42.57 Mb]


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