Fnia APK 1.0

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FNIA APK for android lets you enjoy an anime-themed version of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. It follows the concept but offers friendlier gameplay.

Fnia APK 1.0
Name Fnia
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.0
Size 78 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer Five Nights in Anime
Price Free

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Detailed Analysis of FNIA Download APK

FNIA Mobile APK is a unique game that follows the Five Nights at Freddy’s concept, but with several modifications. It has highly engaging anime characters that will keep you glued to your screen. Every minute you spend on the game will be worth it.

Despite some similarities in the naming, the game is different from the Ultimate Custom Night and FNAF: Sister Location. Instead, it combines the best elements of the first two installments of the Anime Series.

The Five Nights in Anime features friendlier animatronics. Unlike the previous FNAF versions, you will not be required to guard a pizzeria full of fierce adversaries. Instead, you will follow a storyline characterized by highly cooperative animatronics.

fnia android apk

As such, this game will be more relaxed and full of incredible challenges. If you want to enjoy a different version of FNAF in the comfort of your home, you should the FNIA download APK android. It is lightweight and works optimally with most Android devices.

How to Play FNIA Ultimate Location APK

This game is simple to play since it features anime-themed characters. You will share a space with anime robots, and you will be obliged to co-exist.

The gameplay is similar to most FNAF counterparts. You will control the security cameras and monitor different rooms for suspicious activity. The animatronics will move around, but you can stay safe if you keep a close watch on them.

Fortunately, the animatronics in this game will show you lots of love. They are primarily sexy girls that are not as fierce as the animatronics in the original FNAF series.

fnia download apk android

As such, you can enjoy your role-play as an anime fan. You will be able to visit all sorts of fun places where you get to play with cute robots. A few challenges are also present, but this makes gameplay more appealing.

Unique Features of FNIA Android APK Game

  • Super Catchy Sound Systems. The game is designed with catchy sounds and music. The soundtracks are popular in the anime world, and they create a unique atmosphere when playing.
  • Hyper Attractive Characters. FNIA APK has highly attractive characters. The animatronics will show you lots of love, and you will enjoy your role. However, you should keep your eyes on their movements so that you can stay safe.
  • Gorgeous Anime Scenes. The game comes with an outstanding anime background that makes the gameplay more immersive. The characters are designed from high-quality images that improve your gaming experience.
  • Updated Outfits and Sexy Looks. The characters come in different outfits, and they have sexy looks. The animatronics will keep you entertained for hours since their moves are captivating. This is the main differentiator from other FNAF counterparts.
  • Amazing Animations and Lightweight. The animations and graphics in this game are remarkable. You will not notice any lag since the anime characters move smoothly on your screen. This makes FNIA APK lightweight for optimum performance.

Highly Responsive User Interface

You can manage your gameplay easily because the user interface is efficient. The buttons are clear and work seamlessly, making it easy to navigate through the game.

fnia download apk

Additionally, you can use all sorts of cool special effects to give an outstanding feel. These include unique setting options that are ideal for anime theme lovers.

As such, you can play with your favorite animatronics while enjoying high-quality images and sounds. This makes the game more appealing since it delivers a unique experience.

Simple Controls for Easy Game Mechanics

You can get started easily because the controls are straightforward. You will not get lost when navigating through your rooms and cameras since they are marked.

Additionally, you can customize different options to give an unmatched gaming experience. The animatronics only need a few seconds to understand their movements, making the gameplay exciting.

Multiple Camera Options for Flexible Gameplay

The FNIA android APK game allows you to choose between overhead views and security cameras. This gives you lots of flexibility when playing so that you can personalize your experience.

fnia ultimate location apk

You can also enjoy a great time using various camera angles because they help you monitor different rooms. Ensure that you choose those with high-quality images so that you can see animatronics' movements.

FNIA Ultimate Location Download APK

Downloading this application is a breeze. It does not require any special permissions, and it relies on third-party sources to download. Here is how to download it:

  • Enable Installation from Unknown Sources. This is an essential stage as it allows you to download apps from third-party websites. To enable it, go to "Settings" and enable the "Unknown Sources" option.
  • Open the Browser on Your Device. You can use your preferred browser for this purpose. Type FNIA Ultimate Location and select your ideal third-party website offering the app.
  • Download the App. Once you have chosen your third-party website, it should not take long to download the FNIA Ultimate Location APK. You will get the latest version by clicking on the download link, and the app should take no time to install.
  • Be Patient When Installing. After you have downloaded the application, it might take some time for installation to complete since there are lots of files to process.


FNIA Ultimate Location is one of the top anime-themed games that you can enjoy. The game has fantastic UI and animations, making it stand out from other FNAF counterparts.

Additionally, the controls are straightforward for easy gameplay mechanics. You can manage your rooms with ease, guaranteeing a flawless gaming experience. 

Download Fnia [78 MB]


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