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Name FL Studio Mobile
Latest version 3.4.8
Developer Image-Line
Google play link com.imageline.FLM
Price Free
Size 0 bytes
Category Music & audio editor

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Music has always been popular. They have been around for thousands of years or even millions but they are still popular today. With that said, music has evolved so much that we now have more genre as years go by. And as we continue to produce new songs, we are continually evolving how these songs are made. If you’re a big music lover, then you’ll love this app!


FL Studio Mobile is a music creator app developed by Image-Line. It has over 100 thousand downloads in Google Play Store. In this app, you can create multi-track music projects from your phone or tablet effortlessly! Who says you need state of the art equipment just to be a composer? With this app, you can easily and quickly create songs either for personal or business use. The app has tons of features under its belt. Read on to learn more!

What is FL Studio Mobile?

Music has always been very popular worldwide. Regardless of your culture, location, and social status – music connects people all over the world. When it comes to music, no one is singled out. Everyone is welcome to listen and be a fan of singers and bands. Plus, there are tons of music nowadays being released every day.

If you’re a big music lover, you’ll love this app! FL Studio Mobile is an app developed by Image-Line. It has over 100 thousand downloads in Google Play Store! This app allows you to create unique music effortlessly! In this app, you can create high quality music thanks to the synthesizers, sampler, drum kits and sliced-loop beats! There are a wide range of effects you can use in this awesome app! There are even configurable virtual piano-keyboard and drum pads. This app also supports MIDI file import and export for convenience. And in the mixer, you can do a lot of things such as per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment.


Aside from that, you can export your songs to many formats such as MP3, WAV and FLAC. And you can also load your projects whenever you want to edit it right away. Thanks to FL Studio Mobile, you don’t need to have a PC/laptop to be a composer! This app offers easy music creation thanks to the minimalist and clean interface. The multi-track feature makes it easy to create a complex track that will fit your needs! Whatever song you want to create, you can make it easily thanks to this intuitive app!

If you don’t want to create your own content, you can also purchase from the sample library content for DirectWave sample player! These are the included instrument modules: Drum Sampler, DirectWave, Sample Player, GMS, Transistor Bass and more! There are tons more effect modules included sucg as the Auto Ducker, Auto Pitch and more! Read on below to find out more.

Features of FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is a unique music creator app that allows you to create music effortlessly. Thanks to the advanced features of this app, you can create simple and complex tracks for your use! Here are its features:

Unique app – FL Studio Mobile is an awesome and unique app. In a world where there is app for everything nowadays, this app stands at the top! In this app, you can create your own tracks effortlessly! No need to have any instruments when you can synthetically create from the wide range of features that this app offers. This app is truly unique because most music software is for laptop/PC before this existed. Now, you can create music anytime and anywhere. Basically, your next hit song can be created from an app that can fit inside your pocket! That’s how powerful this app is that you can produce professional tracks that will not let you down. Can other apps offer this?


High-quality tools – What makes FL Studio Mobile so great is that it has all the basic as well as advanced tools you need. These include the synthesizers, sampler drum kits and sliced-loop beats. Aside from that, you can access the step sequencer which allows for fast percussion programming. Not only that but you can also have access to configurable virtual piano-keyboard and drum pads! These are all high-quality so your listeners won’t know that you made the songs all from an app! They sound professional as a real song which will impress your listeners!

Effects – Aside from that, there are plenty of effects you can use in FL Studio Mobile! These effects will enhance your tracks! These effects include: Auto Ducker, Auto Pitch, Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Parametric Equalizer, Flanger, Distortion, Reverb, Tuner, Delays, Phaser and Stereoizer. There are more effects in this app that you can use that you will discover. These are all editable so you will have complete control over the tracks you’ll make. That’s how intuitive this app is. Whether you’re an newbie or expert in making music, this app makes it easy to create stunning tracks!


Export – FL Studio Mobile supports MIDI file import and export! Whether single-track or multi-track, you can edit your MIDI files in this app. Also, this app allows you to export your tracks in different formats such as WAV, MP3 and FLAC. These are all high-quality export so you don’t need to worry that much. Aside from that, you can select the quality of your export for greater control.

Mixer – FL Studio Mobile also features a mixer that features: per-track mute, effect bus, solo, pan, and volume adjustment! These will allow you to play back the song however you wish!

Wi-Fi share – FL Studio Mobile also allows you to share projects with other devices with this app! You can share from devices such as Android, iOS and Windows Apps.


Instrument Modules – FL Studio Mobile also features instrument modules such as Drum Sampler, DirectWave, GMS, Transistor Bass, SuperSaw and more!

Clean interface – FL Studio Mobile allows you to edit tracks effortlessly because the interface is user-friendly!

FL Studio Mobile APK Free Download

FL Studio Mobile is an awesome and unique music creator app that lets you create stunning tracks effortlessly! Download the latest version now!


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