Finger On The App 2 APK 2.0.4

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Are you confident in your skills? In Finger on the App 2, you’ll go against many players as you need to keep your finger on the phone for as long as possible!

Finger On The App 2 APK 2.0.4
Name Finger On The App 2
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 2.0.4
Size 113M
Category Casual
Developer Beast Interactive, LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link com.nightmedia.fota2

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You must use a lot of apps and games for your day-to-day needs. After all, we live in a world where there’s literally an app for everything! There’s an app for finding restaurants, finding dates, and even for meditation. There are so many apps that we can use today that it becomes a challenge to find those truly worthy of our time. But if you want an app where you can potentially win thousands of dollars, try Finger on the App 2!

finger on the app 2 mod apk

If you’ve been watching Mr. Beast, you know he’s a beloved YouTuber with millions of subscribers and followers. He helps people and he does a lot of crazy things for each of his videos. But if you’ve always wanted to participate in one of his challenges, then this game is for you!

Take the Ultimate Challenge

There are plenty of apps and games that are unique in the Google Play Store. But unless you’re a fan of Mr. Beast, then you wouldn’t know about Finger on the App 2. This famous YouTuber is best known for his daring and challenging stunts and videos that gets millions of views each time. He’s helped a lot of people by giving money and even giving away free cars at one video. More than that, he’s got a lot of followers.

finger on the app 2 apk latest version

If you’re one of his avid watchers, then you must know about this app now. It’s essentially a Mr. Beast challenge that’s simple yet so challenging. In here, you just need to keep your finger on the app longer than anyone else! You’ll be battling against thousands of participants hoping to get a chance to win $100,000. But more than that, you get the prestige of being in one of Mr. Beast’s challenges even in just an app.

But when there’s no challenge like that, you can fight against real people online and see who can hold on to the app longer! Win tons of cookies now!

Finger on the App 2 Features

There are a lot of YouTubers today but you may have heard about Mr. Beast. He’s a popular one with 55 million subscribers!

The Hardest Simple Challenge – There are numerous YouTubers today that are as popular as artists. But there’s one that stands out from the rest which is Mr. Beast. He’s a YouTuber that has done some crazy videos over the past years such as buying an island, giving people thousands of dollars, selling houses for $1 and more! He doesn’t disappoint in his clickbait titles as he always delivers in the grandest way possible. More than that, he helps a lot of people financially and mentally through his videos.

finger on the app 2 apk free download

But if you’ve always wanted to join one of his challenges but couldn’t, this time you can with his app called Finger on the App 2. This game challenges players to keep their finger on the app as long as they can to outlast everyone else. The last person to keep their finger on the app gets to win $100,000!

Win real money – This is one of those rare games that you can win real money just by downloading and participating. However, there’s going to be a real challenge as there are thousands and millions of people who will be participating on this challenge. If you want to win real money, you need to be ready to not sleep for days, to eat with one hand and to go the bathroom with your finger on the app.

Check your eligibility – But even if you’re a fan of Mr. Beast, you need to be eligible first if you want a chance at real money here. To participate in the challenge, you need to be at least 18 years old and older and living in one of the following countries: USA, Canada except Quebec and Mexico. If you’re lucky enough to meet all these requirements, then go ahead and download the app now!

download finger on the app 2 for android

Fight against real people – Even though this app promises to give real money as rewards, it’s not regular. But in the meantime, you can play this game and fight with other people. Enjoy the challenge of keeping your hands on the app longer than your opponent and win cookies. Enjoy this game with many opponents now!

Extra points and get extra lives – If you want to increase your chances of winning real money, you can buy extra lives at the shop for real money.

Download Finger on the App 2 APK – Latest version

Get a shot at winning real money on Finger on the App 2! Keep your finger on the app longer than everybody else and win!

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