Feral Hearts Mod APK 3.0.22 (Premium choices)

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Love dating simulation? Download Feral Hearts today and meet 4 of Tokyo’s hottest stars! Become their PR agent today and enjoy unexpected scenes.

Feral Hearts Mod APK 3.0.22 (Premium choices)
Name Feral Hearts
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.0.22
Size 61.34 Mb
MOD Premium choices
Category Simulation
Developer Genius Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link com.genius.celebwerewolf
MOD Features +
  1. Premium choices
  2. Diamonds don't decrease when spent



If you’re a hopeless romantic, you may have played countless dating simulation games by now. Each game is unique as they have their own stories but most of them follow the same mechanics. Today, there are plenty of dating simulation games but if you’re looking for one where there are plenty of men, download Feral Hearts now. In this game, you’ll meet 4 of Tokyo’s hottest heartthrobs today. Here, you’ll become their agent while your boss is out sick today.

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Here, you’re a PR assistant that became an agent instantly when your boss suddenly got sick. Here, you’ll then need to manage four of Tokyo’s biggest stars as you’re in charge of their lives and hearts today. Here, there are plenty of things you can enjoy with the men as you become their agent. You’ll meet interesting men such as Masaki who’s a rockstar, Taiki who’s a model, Kyo who’s an actor and Hansol who’s the K-pop star. Here, you’ll need to assist these artists today!

Enjoy Plenty of Interactions

The dating simulation industry today is filled with tons of similar apps all vying for your attention. These games are enjoyable and they can all be played right now. They each feature unique stories that you can enjoy and personally live right now. But if you’re looking for a truly unique and immersive game, download Feral Hearts now. This is an Otome romance game where you are an inexperienced PR assistant turned agent for 4 of the hottest stars in Japan today.

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In this game, you’ll meet the model Taiki, the rockstar Masaki, the actor Kyo, and the K-pop star Hansol. Each of them today has their own unique looks and traits that you’ll fall in love with. Here, you’ll have equal chances of interactions with them as you can select your own responses today. The rich life isn’t always glitter but in here, you’re determined to make the stars shine even more. At the same time, you can find your one true love!


Enjoy a fun dating simulation today with a unique story and interesting characters. Here, the graphics are on point and you’ll be able to enjoy it now.

Highlights of Feral Hearts

If you’re someone who’s a sucker for romance, you’ll enjoy Feral Hearts today. Here, fate brings you together with the hottest men in Tokyo today.

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Enjoy Plenty of Fun Interactions – In this era, we can find love today easily thanks to online dating apps and social media. It has become incredibly easy to date now thanks to apps and platforms directed to online dating. But at the same time, we can now enjoy dating simulation games that will make your heart go crazy! In Feral Hearts, you’ll be in charge of 4 men who are the hottest and the most popular men in Tokyo today. Here, you’ll need to assist these men as you help their dreams come true.

Here, you’re an inexperienced agent who’s willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. You’ll then meet plenty of men here such as Kyo who’s a charming actor but also a cynic guy. Then, there’s Hansol who’s an ambitious guy but is also longing for more. Then, there’s Taiki who’s a famous model that has a secret he’s hiding. Lastly, Masaki is a rockstar who’s longing for something other than the stars.


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Meet the Men – In Feral Hearts, you’ll be able to meet 4 men who each have distinct looks, personalities and talents. There’s Masaki who’s a rockstar god that’s known internationally. He’s someone who longs for a peaceful life but can you actually make him interested in you? Then, there’s Kyo who’s an actor and someone who plays with hearts. Can you win his heart despite the fact that he has little faith in you?

Then, there’s Taiki who’s a renowned model and someone who’s known worldwide. But after spending time with him, you seem to notice that he’s hiding a secret, what could be it? Lastly, there’s Hansol who’s an up-and-coming K-pop artist today. Here, you’ll be able to capture his attention but can you keep it long enough?

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Interesting Story – Feral Hearts follows a somewhat cliched story but an interesting one still. Here, you’ll become close with the people here as well as go on different places together.

Select Your Response – What separates this game from others is that you can select a response that you want today. Here, you’ll be able to select a response that you want but you need to remember that there’s a consequence for everything. Each choice you make will allow you to get closer or get away from each man here.

Download Feral Hearts Mod APK – Latest version

In Feral Hearts, you’ll meet the hottest artists today! Enjoy your time with them and pick the one close to your heart.

Download Feral Hearts [61.34 Mb]


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