EasyTether Pro Mod APK 1.1.20 (Paid for Free)

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Unlock seamless internet sharing across all your devices with EasyTether Pro Mod APK—no root required, just pure connectivity. Try it now!

EasyTether Pro Mod APK 1.1.20 (Paid for Free)
Name EasyTether Pro
Compatible with Android 1.5+
Last version 1.1.20
Size 146.2 KB
Category Communication
Developer Polyclef Software
Price €10.83
Google Play Link com.mstream.etpc

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EasyTether Pro APK stands out as a premier solution for internet tethering across multiple platforms, including Windows, OS X, Linux PCs, and Android tablets. This app facilitates a seamless connection between your smartphone and other devices, allowing you to share your mobile internet without needing root access or additional tethering fees. Designed for efficiency and ease of use, EasyTether Pro supports both USB and Bluetooth tethering, ensuring broad compatibility and flexibility. Whether for work or leisure, EasyTether Pro APK is an essential tool for anyone needing reliable internet access on the go, free from carrier restrictions.

How To Use EasyTether Pro APK

EasyTether Pro APK simplifies internet sharing across your devices, providing a stable connection without needing complex configurations or root access.

Getting Started with EasyTether Pro APK

  • Download the APK: Visit the official website at mobile-stream.com to download the app file. Ensure your device allows installations from unknown sources under your security settings.
  • Install the Application: Open the downloaded APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install.
  • Connect Your Devices:
    • USB Tethering: Connect your smartphone to your computer or tablet via USB. Open EasyTether on your smartphone and select "USB." Enable USB tethering on your device settings.
    • Bluetooth Tethering: Pair your smartphone with your computer or tablet via Bluetooth. Open EasyTether and choose the Bluetooth tethering option.
  • Enjoy Internet Access: Once connected, your computer or tablet will be able to access the internet through your smartphone's data connection.
  • Manage Connections: EasyTether provides a straightforward interface to manage and view your connection status, ensuring you always have control over your internet sharing.
easytether pro apk free download

These steps will help you set up and enjoy internet tethering with app, making it a reliable tool for staying connected wherever you go.

Features of EasyTether Pro APK

Comprehensive Platform Support for Diverse Devices

EasyTether Pro APK excels in its compatibility with a wide range of operating systems. Whether you are using Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Android tablets, EasyTether facilitates smooth and efficient internet sharing. This inclusivity ensures that no matter your device, you can rely on EasyTether for uninterrupted connectivity.

Reliable USB and Bluetooth Connection Options

Offering both USB and Bluetooth tethering options, EasyTether Pro provides flexible connectivity solutions. USB tethering guarantees a stable and fast connection, ideal for critical tasks and high-speed internet needs. Meanwhile, Bluetooth tethering offers convenience and freedom from wires, perfect for on-the-go access and lighter data tasks.

No Root or Special Plans Required

One of EasyTether Pro's key selling points is its no-root requirement, making it accessible for users who prefer not to alter their device's software. Additionally, the app does not require any special tethering plans from carriers, which often come with extra costs. This feature democratizes internet access and provides a cost-effective solution for users.

Enhanced Security with Official API Use

EasyTether Pro prioritizes your security by exclusively using official APIs, ensuring that your device remains safe while sharing internet access. This approach not only protects your data but also maintains the integrity of your phone's operating system, preventing potential security vulnerabilities that unofficial methods might expose.

Advanced Feature Set in the Full Version

The full version of EasyTether Pro unlocks additional powerful features, including HTTPS support for secure browsing and game console tethering capabilities. This version enables users to access secure websites and enjoy gaming consoles' online features, significantly enhancing the utility and appeal of the EasyTether experience.

These features collectively make EasyTether Pro a versatile and reliable choice for internet tethering across various devices and platforms, providing a seamless, secure, and efficient connectivity solution.

easytether pro apk for android

Useful Tips For Using EasyTether Pro APK

Maximize efficiency, enhance connectivity, and optimize user experience with these expert tips for using the app.

Essential Advice for EasyTether Pro Users

  • Check Compatibility: Before downloading, ensure your devices are compatible with EasyTether Pro APK. This includes checking the operating system versions of your computer and Android device.
  • Update Your Devices: Keep your smartphone and any connected devices updated to their latest firmware. This reduces compatibility issues and ensures that all features of EasyTether Pro operate optimally.
  • Opt for USB for Stability: For tasks requiring stable and fast internet, such as video calls or large downloads, use USB tethering. It generally provides a more reliable and faster connection than Bluetooth.
  • Manage Battery Usage: Tethering can drain your smartphone’s battery quickly. When using USB tethering, allow your phone to charge via the USB connection. If using Bluetooth, consider keeping your phone plugged into a charger.
  • Secure Your Connection: When using public or less secure networks, enable VPN services on your device to maintain privacy and protect your data while tethered.
  • Experiment with Settings: Dive into EasyTether’s settings to customize features like network access and device connection priorities. Tailoring these can enhance your tethering experience.
  • Monitor Your Data Usage: Keep an eye on your data consumption, especially if your mobile plan has limits. Use data monitoring tools to avoid unexpected charges or speed throttling.
  • Use the Latest Version: Regularly check for updates to the EasyTether Pro APK to benefit from new features and improvements. Updating ensures you have the latest security and functionality enhancements.

By following these tips, you can significantly improve your tethering experience, making the most of EasyTether Pro’s capabilities to stay connected efficiently and securely.

easytether pro apk download for android

Key Features of EasyTether Pro Mod APK

This modified version of EasyTether Pro offers a single key feature designed to enhance your connectivity experience without any cost:

  • Paid for Free: Enjoy all the premium features of EasyTether Pro without any expense. This mod allows users to access full version capabilities including stable USB connectivity, advanced security with official API use, and support for diverse operating systems, all for free.

The EasyTether Pro Mod APK ensures a seamless and cost-effective internet tethering solution, allowing you to stay connected across various devices and platforms effortlessly.


EasyTether Pro Mod APK stands as an indispensable tool for seamless internet sharing across various devices, combining ease of use with powerful functionality. With support for multiple platforms, no need for root access, and versatile connection options, it ensures you're always connected, wherever you go. Try EasyTether Pro today and experience the ultimate in convenient, secure internet tethering, tailor-made to fit your digital lifestyle.

Download EasyTether Pro [146.2 KB]
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