Dingtone Mod APK 6.3.6 (Unlimited Credits)

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Unlock unlimited calling and texting with Dingtone Mod APK. Get your free US number and connect globally without the high costs!

Dingtone Mod APK 6.3.6 (Unlimited Credits)
Name Dingtone
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 6.3.6
Size 57.29 Mb
Category Social
Developer Dingtone Phone
Price Free
Google Play Link me.dingtone.app.im

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Dingtone APK is a revolutionary communication app designed for Android devices. It's more than just a messaging service; it's a versatile platform that combines the functions of traditional texting and calling with modern internet-based communication. This app caters primarily to users who seek an efficient, cost-effective way to stay connected, especially with international contacts. Dingtone stands out by offering free calls and texts to other users worldwide, utilizing WiFi or data instead of cellular minutes. Its ability to provide a second, real US phone number makes it an excellent tool for maintaining privacy or managing multiple lines effortlessly. Ideal for young people and tech-savvy users, Dingtone transforms your device into a powerful communication hub.

How To Use Dingtone APK

The app is an engaging communication tool that revolutionizes how you connect with others globally. It's simple to download, set up, and start using immediately on your Android device.

dingtone apk for android

Steps to Download and Install Dingtone APK:

  • Visit the Google Play Store: Search for "Dingtone APK" or "Dingtone APK free download" to find the official app.
  • Download the App: Click on the 'Install' button to download and install the app on your Android device.
  • Open and Register: Launch the app and register using a valid email address or phone number to access all features.

How to Interact and Use Dingtone:

  • Make Calls and Send Texts: Use the app to make free calls and send texts to other Dingtone users using WiFi or your data plan.
  • Get a Free US Phone Number: Choose a second phone number from various countries for privacy or business purposes.
  • Use International Calling: Call non-Dingtone users at low rates by adding credits to your account.
  • Explore Additional Features: Utilize walkie-talkie mode, send audio messages, and access premium features like call forwarding and voicemail.

By following these steps, you can maximize your experience with app and enjoy seamless communication across different platforms and countries.

Features of Dingtone APK

Free Unlimited Calls and Texts with Dingtone Users

Dingtone APK redefines mobile communication by offering unlimited free calls and texts to other Dingtone users, irrespective of their location. This feature operates over WiFi or cellular data, allowing you to bypass traditional cellular minute usage. The convenience and cost-saving potential make it an essential tool for frequent communicators, especially among young, budget-conscious users who value connectivity without the high costs.

dingtone apk download

Acquire a US Phone Number at No Extra Cost

One of Dingtone’s standout features is the provision of a free US phone number upon registration. This allows users to maintain privacy, manage business communications, or simply expand their reach without needing a second device. The ability to select from various country codes including the UK, Canada, and Australia further enhances its global appeal, offering a practical solution for international travelers and remote workers.

Low-Cost International Calling to Over 200 Countries

Dingtone shines in its ability to facilitate international calls at exceptionally low rates. Users can reach mobile and landline numbers in over 200 countries and regions. This feature is particularly advantageous for those with family, friends, or business contacts abroad, enabling significant savings compared to traditional phone services and avoiding the usual complexities of international dialing.

Innovative Walkie-Talkie Experience on Your Device

Transforming your smartphone into a walkie-talkie, Dingtone introduces an intriguing method for instant voice messaging. This feature is ideal for quick, real-time communication without the formality of a phone call. It suits users who enjoy swift, push-to-talk services, providing a fun and efficient communication style that is particularly popular among younger audiences or teams needing rapid coordination.

High-Quality Voice Calls with HD Technology

Dingtone doesn’t just save you money; it also ensures that your communication is crystal-clear. Thanks to its dedicated VoIP network and HD voice technology, calls between Dingtone users are of superior clarity compared to standard cellular calls. This is especially beneficial in areas with poor cellular reception, as it relies on internet connectivity, ensuring that users experience fewer dropped calls and better overall call quality.

dingtone apk latest version

Each of these features combines functionality with innovation, making Dingtone APK app a leading choice in mobile communication apps. Whether it’s the cost-efficiency, the enhanced privacy, or the high-quality connection, Dingtone provides a robust platform suited for the modern communicator.

Useful Tips For Using Dingtone APK

Dingtone enhances communication by providing free texts and calls; users maximize benefits by utilizing these strategic tips.

Top Tips to Optimize Your Dingtone Experience:

  • Consistently Update the App: Ensure you have the latest version of Dingtone APK for Android installed. Regular updates bring new features, improvements, and security enhancements that enhance your communication experience.

  • Connect to Stable Wi-Fi: For the best call quality and reliability, connect to a stable Wi-Fi network. This reduces data usage and prevents call drops, especially during international calls or when sending large attachments.

  • Manage Notifications: Customize notification settings within the app to stay informed without being overwhelmed. You can adjust alerts for calls, messages, and promotions according to your preferences.

  • Explore Voicemail and Call Forwarding: Activate voicemail and call forwarding to never miss important calls. These features are especially useful if you're frequently in meetings or have inconsistent availability.

  • Utilize the Walkie-Talkie Feature: For quick and efficient communication, use the walkie-talkie function. It's perfect for sending rapid voice messages when you can’t engage in a full conversation.

  • Earn Free Credits: Participate in Dingtone's promotional activities or watch ads to earn free credits. These credits can be used for calling non-Dingtone users and accessing premium features.

  • Secure Your Account: Regularly update your password and review your account settings to maintain security and privacy. Use the app’s privacy features to manage who can contact you and how your information is displayed.

  • Make Use of Group Features: Create groups for family, friends, or teams to streamline communication. Use group calls and messaging to stay connected with multiple people at once, enhancing collaboration and social interaction.

dingtone apk free download

By following these tips, you can significantly enhance your experience with app, making it not only a tool for free communication but also a versatile platform tailored to your needs.

Key Features of Dingtone Mod APK

This modified version of Dingtone APK brings forth a collection of enhancements that maximize the utility and accessibility of the app. Key modifications include:

  • Unlimited Credits: Users of Dingtone Mod APK enjoy the benefit of unlimited credits. This pivotal modification eliminates the need to earn credits through in-app activities or purchases, allowing unrestricted access to all premium features without additional cost.

The Dingtone Mod APK ensures a more comprehensive and convenient communication experience, making it an invaluable tool for those who prioritize connectivity and cost-efficiency in their daily interactions.


Dingtone Mod APK stands out as an innovative communication solution that combines versatility with cost-effectiveness. With features like free international calls, a personal US number, and high-quality voice technology, it caters perfectly to young individuals and global communicators. Whether for personal privacy or connecting across continents, Dingtone ensures seamless communication. Download app today and elevate your communication experience without stretching your budget.

Download Dingtone [57.29 Mb]
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