Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK 2.41

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Download Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK  and play as a police officer or detective with to explore the gameplay with friends.

Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK 2.41
Name Criminal Case The Conspiracy
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.41
Size 83.93 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer Pretty Simple
Price Free
Google Play Link com.prettysimple.cctheconspiracyandroid

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A Detailed Description of Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK

Do you want to play as a police officer? Or as a detective with the right skills? You might consider playing Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK. This game combines a detective role with solving puzzles, as you have to connect clues to resolve cases. In this game, you will investigate crime scenes and access a forensic laboratory to get detailed information about the deceased.

criminal case the conspiracy mod apk

If you have loved to work as a police officer or in the forensics lab, then this is a great game to try out. There are several cases to resolve in Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK. You will join the police of the City, Grimsborough, to carry out research, arrest the culprits or interrogate suspects. Each of these missions requires tactics and critical thinking; hence you must be strategic while playing this game.

The puzzle side of the game involves connecting the dots of a crime to catch the criminal, and this requires lots of knowledge as there are times the clues might seem like a suicide mission whereas it is a murder; hence, you must be strategic while connecting the clues you’re provided with.  Your hard work and effort in conducting research and catching the real criminal are rewarded in this game with unlimited money. You can go wrong with the interesting gameplay this game offers to players.

Criminal Case The Conspiracy Storyline

You will play as a detective, and when you open this game, your first task is to catch the criminal who murdered a young lady at the gate of the City. At once, you won’t know it’s a nurse case, but as you proceed with your investigations, you will unleash the kind of crime it is.

criminal case the conspiracy mod apk download

In this story, you will start by finding the dead body and tools used in killing the lady, then take it to the forensic lab for thorough analysis. It was after the analysis you discovered it is a murder case. The murderer is an amateur, so he has left fingerprints on the tool he used to kill the lady.

Although he lagged by dropping the weapon, you must gather information to confirm that he is the real murderer; otherwise, your investigation is invalid. This is what you will enjoy when you download this game. However, it is recommended that you download Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK to enjoy mouth-watering features.

Information on Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK

Usually, when you play this game, you will get rewards such as stars and energy. This APK version offers you Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK unlimited stars and energy; this way, you will not exhaust energy as you play, and you will get stars for catching the criminal. Also, your energy level will not reduce as you play. This is super interesting and fun as it offers a unique game experience.

criminal case the conspiracy mod apk free download

The Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK latest version also features updated  money value that can be used to upgrade the laboratory, weapons used, and the clues offered. You will surely enjoy the gameplay with different cases to resolve with good equipment. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Join millions of players worldwide to explore the game. You can get the Criminal Case: The Conspiracy APK download link as you read.

Features of Criminal Case The Conspiracy

Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK is an interesting game with features, gameplay, and graphics players will explore. Below are some of the interesting  features of this game;

Great user interface

Anyone can understand the settings and navigation of this game. It is easy to use and navigate. Criminal Case The Conspiracy has a simple interface. When you first open the game, you will understand its settings and gameplay. Join other players to enjoy the intuitive and easy interface of Criminal Case: The Conspiracy game.

Diverse Cases to resolve

This game encompasses different kinds of cases to resolve as the detective. It could be murder and sometimes suicide cases. Luckily, you are not left alone in this game, and this game provides you with clues that will help determine if it’s a murder case or not.

criminal case the conspiracy mod apk latest version

Sometimes the cases look similar, but the clues will help you investigate till the end; therefore, you must not ignore the slightest clue you’re given in the game.  You know criminals can go the extra mile to cover a murder case as a suicide, so you must be stratnd open-minded.

Equipped Forensics

The forensic laboratory is one of the amazing features of this game. Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK features a well-arranged and equipped forensics lab where you can carry out analysis to determine the type of case involved. You can even conduct DNA tests, autopsies, etc.

This is one of the features that help you know the criminal.

Beautiful graphics

Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK has high-resolution graphics content that attracts players to play more. The graphics make the game authentic and realistic, thereby increasing your gaming experience.

download criminal case the conspiracy mod apk

Unique gameplay

This game has an interesting gameplay of solving cases that will stimulate players. Explore this feature as you download the APK version.


Do you love the work of a detective? Then try playing this game. We offer a free download, and you can get the Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK free download below. Join millions of players to play this game.

Download Criminal Case The Conspiracy [83.93 Mb]


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