CkayTV APK 6.7

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Are you looking for an app that can provide you with tons of live channels? Download CkayTV now and access many channels around the world today!

CkayTV APK 6.7
Name CkayTV
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Last version 6.7
Size 6 MB
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer CkayTV
Price Free

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Smartphones provide a lot of features and functionalities that we use today. They’re one of the most used devices now, followed by computers, tablets, and televisions. Since they’re affordable and convenient, almost everyone owns a smartphone that they use for different things.

But one thing is for sure, a lot of us stream movies and shows with our phones now. So, it’s high time that you download CkayTV and enjoy thousands of channels today!

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This app functions just like any streaming app like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix. Here, you can watch all the classic and latest movies and shows and browse a ton of titles. But the difference between this one from others is that they offer thousands of live channels for users.

Here, you can tune in to different live channels like ABC News, Aljazeera, ABC Spark, Alibi, and many more. There are all sorts of categories available here: news, entertainment, sports, kids, movies, lifestyle, music, documentaries, and many more.

Stream TV Channels with CkayTV

You may have noticed by now, but streaming platforms have increased their numbers ever since Netflix became successful. Today, we’re able to enjoy movies and shows on the internet thanks to many platforms offering them. We no longer need to rely on cable subscriptions, so much so unlike years ago.

You can stream on-demand, which means you can enjoy countless movies and shows when you want it. But the only stressful thing with the streaming platforms is that they charge monthly fees for these services.

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For people who struggle to make their ends meet, the subscription fee becomes a huge obstacle. Although the features that streaming platforms offer beat cable subscriptions, they’ll still need to shell out money. That’s why CkayTV was made so that you don’t need to pay for cable or streaming platforms!

With this app, you’re able to stream live TV channels across the globe today. There are thousands of channels available in this app that you can enjoy today.

These channels are categorized into different topics like Kids, Movies, Lifestyle, News, Sports, Entertainment, documentaries, and many more. Enjoy streaming for free now!

Highlights of CkayTV

There are so many fun movies and shows you can watch right now. But if you have CkayTV, you can have more than those!

Stream all you want – There’s no reason not to watch the latest movies and shows today, thanks to modern technology. We can watch films in different mediums and devices right now, which is so convenient. In this day and age where we crave entertainment, companies provide us with streaming platforms.

But it comes with a cost that will rival that of your cable subscription today. So, the question is, will you give up your cable for a subscription to a streaming platform?


With CkayTV, you don’t even need to pay for anything other than your internet connection. This app provides us with many channels that we can freely stream on our devices. These channels include the most popular ones such as ABC News, MTV, BC Spark, and many more!

Different channels are available on various topics like Movies, Lifestyle, Entertainment, documentaries, news, and more. So, what more can you ask for with this app when it offers all of this for free?

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Countless channels – There are many channels on TV all around the globe today. When you turn on the TV, you’re greeted with all sorts of channels, local and international, that you can tune in to watch. In CkayTV, you can freely browse the list of available ones and enjoy streaming endlessly.

Unlike cable subscriptions, you don’t need to worry about paying for anything when using the app! Here, you can access thousands of channels at a time.

Different categories – The channels that you can access here are categorized according to specific topics. These topics include Kids, Sports, News, Entertainment, Music, Lifestyle, Documentary, and more. This means that you can enjoy different types of channels regardless of your age and status.

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Now, you’ll be able to get updated on the latest news, watch movies and shows and enjoy streaming without limits! There’s no need to worry about the connection as well, as you only need to have internet for it to work.

Free and easy to use – CkayTV is free to download and use for all people in every location. Whether you’re in the USA or Japan, you’re free to stream the channels here! There’s no need to register for an account nor to pay a monthly fee.

Download CkayTV APK – Latest version

Why pay for a cable subscription when you have CkayTV? Download it now and enjoy thousands of free channels!


Download CkayTV [6 MB]


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