Bullet Angel APK

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FPS games are popular no matter the platform. But in mobile, Bullet Angel is quickly rising to the scene! Enjoy a classic FPS experience today in this game.

Bullet Angel APK
Name Bullet Angel
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version
Size 988.79 Mb
Category Action
Developer Kingame Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link com.jssygp.bulletangel

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The FPS genre is populated today with so many similar games but mostly battle royale. This subgenre has risen over the past years that it’s almost impossible to find a game that doesn’t feature one. But if you look back, the original games were the classic team death match FPS games which didn’t featured huge maps like battle royale games today. So, if you want to experience the past, download Bullet Angel today and enjoy. This is the PC game that was launched back in 2009!

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Now in this mobile game, this one was made using Unreal Engine 4 to give it that incredible crisp look with insane gameplay. Here, you can create your character from scratch starting from its gender. Then, you can select a distinct hair style, face style, top, bottom, shoes and skin color. There are so many selections here and you can also input a unique name today. Enjoy various game modes today such as the Classic Mummy Mode, TDM, Ghost, and many more.

Classic Gameplay

There are so many enjoyable FPS games that you can download and play right now. But most shooting games today are in the battle royale category which is not a surprise since this is a genre that has been on the rise. But if you’re tired of battle royale games that offer practically the same gameplay, then it’s time to download Bullet Angel. This is a classic game that has been adopted to mobile as it was originally launched in 2009 for PC.

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Now, this game boasts incredible graphics but still retains many of the features that the players loved back then. Here, you can enjoy game modes such as hardcore TDM, sniper combat, melee combat, Ghost, Chicken Run and many more! This game features classic and innovative modes that pro and casual games can enjoy today. Create your own character today as you can select the gender, hair style, and many more. Then, you can enjoy stylish gears and outfits right now.

This game has adjustable controls and graphics today. You can also utilize the dance system that’s used to recover your HP.

Bullet Angel Features

If you want to enjoy the best FPS game today, download Bullet Angel now. This is a game that lets you enjoy many features that you can enjoy.

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The Classic PC Game – When it comes to PC games, there are a lot of shooting games you can enjoy right now. These games are so enjoyable and fun for everyone since they can freely eliminate players with guns. Shooting games require strategy, skills and quick reflexes which is why they’re addictive. Today, there are many mobile FPS games that you can enjoy right now and one of which is Bullet Angel. This is a shooting game that takes pride in its enjoyable graphics and gameplay.

Here, you can enjoy the classic elements that many players loved when it was first released in 2009 for PC. Enjoy creating your character right from the start by selecting its gender, face style, top, bottom, hair style, skin color and shoes. There are so many gears, weapons and items that you can collect as well from the shop. Moreover, you can play in various game modes such as the classic TDM, Ghost, sniper/melee matches, Chicken Run and more.

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Create Your Character – After downloading the game, you’ll be asked to create a character in here that you’ll use all throughout. Here, you can select whether the gender is male of female. Then, you can customize the character by selecting a face style, top style, bottom style, skin color, shoes, and hair style. There are 3 choices for each category here and you can also randomly generate a character if you want. Moreover, you can input a name that you’ll use to identify your character.

Unique Game Modes – In this game, you can enjoy a variety of game modes today. There’s the Classic Mummy Mode where you can participate in fights between humans and mummies today. Here, you can get infected and only one kind can win the match. There are also the classic game modes such as the death matches, TDM, sniper/melee matches and more. There’s even a fun mode like Chicken Run and many more. Enjoy ranking today and get many rewards.

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Fun Mechanics and Graphics – This is a fun game that has unique mechanics. Here, you can heal your character by doing a little dance! This is a fun game that lets you immerse yourself in the graphics here.

Stylish Outfits – There are so many stylish graphics that you can collect today in this app. Show off your style today with modern clothes.

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