BTS Island APK 2.10.0

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Do you love BTS? Download BTS Island APK now to solve many puzzles and help the boys make it out alive. Enjoy stories crafted for the Army for free now.

BTS Island APK 2.10.0
Name BTS Island
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 2.10.0
Size 959.57 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer HYBE IM Co., Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.hybeim.intheseom

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Download BTS Island APK – Puzzle Game

You can enjoy quite a lot of games to play in the puzzle genre today. You can find a ton of mobile games to play if you’re searching hard enough right now. In the puzzle genre, you can play classics like chess, checkers and many more.

But there are also a lot of puzzles that will leave you wanting more. One of the most recent puzzle games you can enjoy is BTS Island.

download bts island apk for android

In this exciting game, you’ll help the boys as they crashed their boat in an island. Here, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of choices on what to do and say in certain points.

There are many stories that await you in this fun and relaxing puzzle game. The main thing to do is to solve countless puzzles which involve getting certain things like fruits and leaves. Match the same ones so you can enjoy unlocking many items in the game. Can you help the boys?

Fun Island

There exist tons of exciting games for us to play now. In the modern era, there are many mobile games in so many genres which we can enjoy playing today. This includes games like fighting, racing, RPG, action, adventure, horror and more.

Yet, the puzzle category is one of the most popular and simple ones you can play now. Th category brings about so many exciting games to play. So, if you’re an Army and you love playing puzzle games, then you’re in luck as BTS Island is here today.

bts island apk download

Say what you want about BTS but they’re a global phenomenon for many years now. But if you love them, you can enjoy this game specifically made for the fans of BTS.

This game lets you in on a fun journey where the guys get stranded on an island after their boat crashes. You’ll help them make decisions so they can go back to their home. Here, you’ll solve many puzzles to help them get many items they’ll need.

This game features the boys from BTS and a lot of dialogues. Enjoy this game created by BTS themselves.

BTS Island Features

If you love BTS, then you can download BTS Island now to help the boys solve puzzles and get used to island living.

Fun puzzle game – We’re used to playing a lot of free games now since there are thousands of them. You’re able to enjoy so many interesting mobile games to play from RPG to racing to action and more.

But if you love puzzle games, you can search and have fun with many types today. The most popular one is the matching type which BTS Island is a part of. This game features the most popular boyband today which is BTS.

bts island apk

Unless you’re living in a rock, you would know who BTS is as it’s the most popular boyband today. In this game, you’ll help the boys get adjusted to living in an island for now as they’re stranded. You’ll solve many puzzles which involve matching the same elements to get items.

Then, you’ll also make smart decisions for them as you can pick from the suggestions of the members. Most importantly, there are exclusive photo albums from the members and easter eggs as well. Enjoy the game now!

Solve puzzles – If you love playing puzzle games, then this is the golden opportunity for you. In this amazing game, you can solve countless puzzles which involve matching different items. The puzzle is just like any others like Candy Crush where the goal is to match the items required.

bts island apk mod

If you complete the puzzles, you can get something going such as items. Here, you’ll solve puzzles as you can complete many quests like exploring and gathering items. This is a fun game for you to play if you’re a fan of puzzles and BTS.

BTS members – This game features the boys from BTS as they’re the starts of the game. This include members like RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Jimin, and Jin. Each of the members look different and have their own hair colors to distinguish them from others.

They also have different dialogues and their decisions that you’ll need to take into consideration. In this game, the members will focus on surviving by finding materials, solving puzzles, and working together.

Decorate and stories – The great thing about BTS Island is that you can also decorate the island that the members will be staying at. You can swim, play, fish and even light up fireworks.

bts island apk latest version

There are many stories for you to enjoy here as the members will be able to provide cute moments. This is a fun game for everyone even if you’re not a fan of BTS.

Download BTS Island APK

Do you love BTS and puzzle games? Download BTS Island so you can solve puzzles and help the members survive.

Download BTS Island [959.57 Mb]


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