Bobble Keyboard APK

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Download Bobble Keyboard APK 2023 to change how you type and express yourself on your phone! It is simple to use & integrates lots of unique emojis & stickers.

Bobble Keyboard APK
Name Bobble Keyboard
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 66.83 Mb
Category Communication
Developer Bobble AI
Price Free
Google Play Link com.touchtalent.bobbleapp

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In-Depth Description of Bobble Keyboard APK

Bobble Keyword APK is a virtual keyboard application that makes typing on your phone more fun and interactive. It features next-word prediction, emoji predictions, and a smart auto-correction algorithm to help you type faster and better.

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The application also comes with numerous customization options. You can change the keyboard’s theme, layout, font style, and even add new emoji packs.

Overall, Bobble Keyboard APK is a great virtual keyboard application that is worth trying out. It will enliven your conversations by adding a touch of fun and personality.

Why You Need Bobble Keyboard APK

Sometimes, the default keyboard on your phone can be too mundane. Its UX design is often uninspired, and it lacks features that can make typing more fun and interactive.

If you're tired of using the same old keyboard, you should try out Bobble Keyboard APK for Android. This is a virtual keyboard used as an alternative to the phone's default keyboard.

It has new features unavailable on the default keyboard, such as emoji prediction, BigMojis effect, and keyboard customization. It is also more accurate than the default keyboard, thanks to its smart auto-correction algorithm. This will help you avoid typos and misspellings when typing on your phone.

How to Use Bobble Keyboard APK

This virtual keyboard is uncomplicated to use. Once you download and install the APK file, open the keyboard and grant it the necessary permissions. Follow the on-screen instructions to customize the keyboard according to your preferences.

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To start using the keyboard, simply type in any text field. The keyboard will automatically pop up, and you can start typing away.

One of the best things about this keyboard is its intuitiveness. It suggests emojis based on the words you type. For example, if you type "I'm hungry," it will suggest a pizza emoji. Its suggestions largely depend on the context of your conversation and your previous usage.

What are the Features of Bobble Keyboard APK?

  • Supports Different Languages. This application is not restrictive, and it allows you to type in different languages. Some of the languages it supports include English (India), Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Assamese, and Hindi.
  • 100% Free Use. When using this application, you will not be charged for anything, even for the add-ons and customization options. It also has no upgrades or in-app purchases, making it truly free to use.
  • BigMojis Support. This app supports the use of BigMojis, which are large and animated emoji stickers. You can use these to add humor and personality to your conversations.
  • Lots of Emoji Packs. This application comes with many emoji packs. These include the default emoji pack, as well as packs for different holidays and occasions. This lets you tailor-make your conversations according to the context.
  • Highly Customizable. This keyboard is highly customizable. You can change its theme, layout, emoji style, font style, and even add new emoji packs. This allows you to personalize the keyboard to match your personality and preferences.
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  • Type Faster with Auto-Correction. This application uses a smart auto-correction algorithm to help you type faster and with fewer mistakes. This is especially useful when typing on a small keyboard on your phone.

Bobble Keyboard Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This application has a powerful AI that studies your typing behavior. Based on this, it makes predictions on the words and emojis you are likely to use. This makes typing on your phone efficient.

The AI also learns the words you frequently use and adds them to its dictionary. This way, you can type these words faster without going through the autocorrect function.

You can also teach the AI new words by adding them to the dictionary. This is useful for slang words or technical terms that the AI may not be familiar with. However, using them frequently is enough for the AI to learn them.

Personalize Your User Experience

This application offers unmatched dynamism. It is one of the most versatile keyboards on the market. You can use it for a variety of purposes, from professional to personal.

For example, you can use it for work-related tasks such as emailing and report writing. You can also use it for personal tasks such as messaging and social media. No matter what you use it for, you can be sure that it will meet your needs.

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This keyboard is also highly customizable, and you can tailor-make it to suit your specific needs. For example, you can change its theme & colors and even add new emoji packs. This way, you can use it in any way you want.

Clutter-Free Interface

It would be disastrous if a keyboard app was hard to use. After all, the keyboard is one of the most critical tools for mobile devices.

This is why Bobble Keyboard has a clutter-free interface. Everything is laid out in a simple and easy-to-use manner. This way, you can focus on what's important: typing.

Bobble Keyboard APK Download

The  version has been patched to offer more enhanced features and ensure compatibility with the latest Android operating system.

The main difference between the regular and  versions is that the latter offers more emoji packs and customization options. This makes it even more versatile and user-friendly.

If you want to enjoy all the features without restrictions, then the Bobble Keyboard APK latest version is the right choice. Here's a brief on its features:

  • Bobble Keyboard  APK Without Watermark. If you're worried about the watermark, you don't have to be. This version of the keyboard doesn't have a watermark. This allows you to share your screenshots without any hassle.
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  • All Features Unlocked. The Bobble Keyboard APK free download comes with all the features unlocked. This means you can enjoy more features than the regular version.


The Bobble Keyboard is a modern keyboard packed with features. It is highly versatile and user-friendly. If you're looking for a keyboard that can meet your needs, this is the right choice. Whether it is emojis, customization, or efficiency you're looking for, this keyboard has it all.

Download Bobble Keyboard [66.83 Mb]


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