Bike Tapper APK 1.3

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If you want to enjoy a unique bike racing game, try Bike Tapper APK unlimited money now. Win many races, earn money, unlike new bikes and go through many levels.

Bike Tapper APK 1.3
Name Bike Tapper
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Last version 1.3
Size 22 MB
Category Sports
Developer Merry Dream Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.merrydreamstudios.biketapper

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Download Bike Tapper APK – Win Races

Racing games are one of the most fun mobile games you can play right now. They’re easy to play as they don’t require complex controls unlike fighting or RPG games.

They can also be played anytime you want without having to care about stories and whatnot. So, if you love bike racing, then you can race your heart out in Bike Tapper which is a unique game for free.

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This game is unlike any racing game you’ve ever played before because it’s not ordinary. Instead of having infinite energy and racing through the first-person mode, you’ll have fun with racing in 2D where you must go through a series of challenges.

There are 42 levels to play in this game with each one becoming tougher than the other. If you have the talent and skills, you can make it through and earn money to buy new bikes. The controls are easy as you can just continuously tap but you need to balance it out.

Race in a Bike

Bikes are one of the most popular means of transportation in the world. They’re eco-friendly since they don’t use any energy and they can be a great exercise. Aside from being a means of transportation, they can also be used for races which is popular in the world.

There are many professional bike races that are held annually so if you want to know that feeling, then you can join in one. Download Bike Tapper now so you can partake in many races and win.

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Riding a bike in real life is one of the most challenging things you can do since you’re using your own energy to pedal the bike forward. Unlike in cars, you can’t do what you want without proper breathing techniques and energy conservations.

Although you can’t do that in here, there’s something like the gameplay that they’ve designed. To go faster, you just need to continuously tap the screen, but it will cost you energy. It will slowly restore when you’re not tapping so you need to find the right balance.

There are many racing events for you to enjoy here and win!

Bike Tapper Features

We’re able to enjoy many racing games today but this one is a winner. Enjoy Bike Tapper now and its features.

Bike racing – There are a lot of gamers who love racing today which is why it’s a big genre. There are many types of racing games for you to play from cars to motorcycles to airplanes and more.

But if you like bikes, then you’re into something else as there are also many games in this subgenre. One of the most exciting ones to date is Bike Tapper as it lets you race using your energy.

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In this exciting game, you need to tap the screen continuously to move accelerate which will use your energy. If you stop tapping, the energy bar will fill itself eventually. So, you need to find the right balance as you don’t want the energy bar to deplete.

You’ll need to race with your heart out in 42 levels against powerful and skillful opponents. There are many terrains that will test your skills and strength so you can earn money. Here, you can unlock different types of bikes available.

42 Levels – In Bike Tapper, you’re able to play in 42 levels of challenging races. In each level, you’re fated to face against talented bikers with different skills. You’ll need to go to the finish line first to get the money and move on to the next.

This is a challenging task as you’ll face numerous competitions as there are different terrains to face. You’ll face uphill terrains, downhills, and straights in many combinations. Your skills will be thoroughly tested so make sure that you conserve your energy from the wind by riding in the back of an opponent.

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Unique controls – Unlike other racing games, this one is a bit different. In this game, you just need to tap the screen repeatedly to accelerate. You don’t need to balance the bike as the game is in 2D and you only need to tap to accelerate. But you’ll only have limited energy, so you’ll need to stop tapping at certain points before you deplete your energy bar.

It will slowly go back up when you’re not tapping so the challenge is for players to find the right balance. This is like how you would conserve your energy in a real race.

Unlock many bikes – In this game, there are many bikes for you to buy as you win more races. There are a lot of faster bikes for you to unlock as you’ll need them to win more races.

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The money you earn will need to be reinvested in new bikes as there will be tougher enemies to beat!

Download Bike Tapper APK – Unlocked everything

If you have the talent for bike racing, try Bike Tapper now. Show off your skills in the road!

Download Bike Tapper [22 MB]


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