Bee Network APK 1.2.3

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Are you late to Bitcoin? Download Bee Network and get a chance to earn Bee money every day just by logging in. Send and receive Bee as payment and more!

Bee Network APK 1.2.3
Name Bee Network
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.2.3
Size 10.77 Mb
Category Educational
Developer Bee Games Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Cryptocurrency was invented in January 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. He was the first one to create the most popular and valuable crypto today called Bitcoin which is currently valued at around $47,000/coin. Now, there are over 4,000 cryptocurrencies in existence and it keeps growing by the day. But if you want to mine them on your phone, download Bee Network now! This app allows you to mine Bee coins every day.

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Bee is a new cryptocurrency that’s entirely app based. The developers called Bee Games Ltd created a new concept different from most cryptocurrencies today. Instead of creating coins, here, you can receive Bee coins every day by logging in and by referring people! Aside from that, you can send Bee coins as payments as well as receive them. In the future, you can exchange your coins for real money if the value goes up.

Mine Bee Coins

Back in 2009, people didn’t really pay any attention to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But fast forward to today, one Bitcoin is valued at thousands of dollars and it has the potential to go up within the next few years. Now, plenty of cryptocurrencies are following in the steps of these successful digital currencies. One of the most promising out of the bunch is Bee Network which is an app that lets you mine Bee coins.

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Essentially, this app promises a lot of money in the future as long as it gets a billion users on the platform. But for now, you can earn coins daily just by logging in, referring friends, and by verifying new users. Aside from that, you can send and receive Bee coins as an alternative to paper money. Furthermore, you can check your teammate’s progress in the app and the recent developments. In the future when the app has become more popular, you can then earn money when the app releases coins.

Bee Network Features

Cryptocurrencies are the newest investing trend today. These are digital currencies that are taking over the world by storm with numerous people and companies investing in them. In Bee Network, you can mine coins on your phone!

A Cryptocurrency App – If you’re familiar with Cryptocurrencies, then you know that a lot of people are currently investing in them. There are a lot of popular crypto today such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Polkadot and many more. Millions of people are investing in these cryptocurrencies as of this writing but if you don’t want to follow the trend, try Bee Network. This is your chance to ride the hype train from the start until it becomes popular in the future.

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This app is a cryptocurrency app that lets users earn Bee coins just for mining every day. You can earn an average of 0.29 BEE/hour and you can collect it every day by opening the app. Aside from that, you can earn coins by referring people to the app using your code. Lastly, you can earn by verifying new users in the app.

Mine Bee Coins Each Day – Who doesn’t love getting free coins? In Bee Network, you can mine free Bee coins each day. We say mine but in reality, the app just rewards you with free coins each day. This is because mining in real life takes a lot of processing power that’s just not possible for a phone. However, you can stack up a lot of coins in the future by continuing to log in on the app every day. Here, there’s a promise of a big return in the future!

Refer for Rewards – Another way to earn Bee coins here is by referring people. You can do this by sending out your invite code to your friends, relatives and other people so you can earn Bee coins. The more active members you have on your team, the higher your mining rates becomes! This is a great way to get more people to sign up on the platform. This is a win-win situation because you and the person you referred can earn coins!

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Verifier – Lastly, another way to earn coins is by becoming a verifier. Essentially, you’ll just need to verify new users if they’re real or not. For now, this feature isn’t available since the app is still in the phase 1 of things. However, there’s a lot to earn with this feature in the future!

Easy crypto app – With this cryptocurrency app, you have the ability to earn a lot of Bee coins that you can trade for money in the future!

Download Bee Network APK – Latest version

Download Bee Network and mine free Bee coins every day! Invite your friends and make some money online.

Download Bee Network [10.77 Mb]


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