Beastly Desires APK 3.1.11

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Download Beastly Desires Apk Latest Version Free for Android to choose your romance, story, and ending. There are cool characters in this game.

Beastly Desires APK 3.1.11
Name Beastly Desires
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.1.11
Size 67.66 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Genius Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link com.genius.beastwar

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Beastly Desires is a simulation from Genius Inc. This is a recent simulation that is gradually gaining players' attention in different parts of the world. The game has interesting and amazing content, as well as other awesome features.

It is important to note that this game is rated 12+. However, you can download it on any android device. What's amazing is that the game is available for free download on your mobile device.


In this game, you'd mostly live a boring life. However, this would get interrupted by a strange event. You'd wake up one day to find strange tattoos on your body, as well as that of your sister. Another strange event will take place after the tattoos. This is the appearance of three beastmen with a unique level of handsomeness.

These beastmen will help you know the secret power you possess. This is the power that's needed for the coronation of a kind in the Dark Kingdom. You are about to react to this revelation from the beastmen when your sister gets kidnapped by a villainous demon. You'd need to be careful because this demon has vowed to come for you.


In Beastly Desires, you'd get caught up in different surprising events. The next event is that you'd be caught in a dangerous war for the kingship title. Can you harness your newly found powers? Your duty is to make the right decisions and direct your path to finding true romance. Remember that you must bring peace to the Dark Kingdom and also save your sister. Love will find you as you embark on this quest.

Awesome Gaming Characters

One of the game's main features that'd keep you engaged in the awesome characters it offers. Beastly Desires have the coolest gaming characters compared to other simulation. There are three main characters that you'd interact with in the game

Here are the characters:


He is The Cocky Prince, and his arrogance is on another level. Shiryu is probably the proudest person in this game, with a noticeable alpha-male attitude. What's certain is that Shiryu is a born leader, and he shows much care for the people that surround him.


Another distinguishing thing about this character is his vision for the future of his kingdom. This is the main reason why he'd need your help. Can you stay with him till the end?


You've never met a silent strategist like Alexis. It is important to note that he is an unapproachable royal advisor with a cool personality. However, he is also a man of few words, and a good listener, thanks to his subdued demeanor. Nobody wants to understand Alexis, but you can be different.

Can you help him decipher what he feels in his heart?


He is the Brash Knight, loyal but hot-headed. Leonel has a humble beginning and used to serve as a royal guard. He's never quick to act, and he also doesn't' know how to express his feelings. Another thing is that he usually feels unworthy.


Will you accept Leonel for who he is?

Beastly Desires Apk Free Download

Play this game with premium choices on your mobile device. This is only possible with the apk, which is available for free download.

Download the  apk of Beastly Desires for free.


Download the latest version of Beastly Desires to choose your drama, romance, story, and ending.

Download Beastly Desires [67.66 Mb]


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