APKMody APK 1.0

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APKMody APK is a place where you can download modified apps and games for free. Discover the latest in the app community and get all the features now.

APKMody APK 1.0
Name APKMody
Compatible with Android 5+
Last version 1.0
Size 11 MB
Category Tools
Developer Apps Ghar
Price Free

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It’s estimated that around 6.6 billion people in the world own a smartphone. This means that almost everyone of us has a smartphone which isn’t surprising in this digital era.

A smartphone can do many things mainly to download and run apps. But what APKMody can offer is beyond what you can find in the Google Play Store. It’s essentially a place where you can download modified apps.

People go to this website to search for the best apps and games that have been modified. This means that they can get all the features without paying in the app.

apkmody apk games

Aside from that, a lot of apps can’t be found on the Play Store for various reasons. But they can be downloaded in APKMody easily so you can still use it even when it’s banned. In this page, you’ll discover just what features are waiting for you when you use the app. 

What Exactly is APKMody?

The increase in smartphone usage can be thanked for the boom of the app industry. Every sector seems to have an app available now such as education, maps, games, social media and more.

We use a lot of apps in our daily personal lives for many purposes. However, some users want something more – a place like APKMody. This is a place that can give unrestricted access to many apps.

It’s a hub for all apps and games including ones that you normally can’t find in the Play Store. It’s where you can get apps that has all the features unlocked plus more.

is apkmody safe

It’s where you can play your favorite games with all the coins available. APKMody missions is to provide a place for users to download all the apps that they can find easily. It’s like this website that you’re reading this post on. 

Download Modified Apps & Games

Android users download their apps from the Google Play Store. While there are some third-party app stores exclusive for different phone brands, this is the main one.

We can find thousands of apps in the Play Store which is vetted by developers for safety. But the main problem that many developers and companies are facing with Play Store is that they have a lot of rules.

They impose a lot of rules that prohibit certain themes and even elements present in certain apps. Therefore, APKMody was created. It’s a place where users can be free to download any app just like what they can find in the Play Store.

But the biggest difference is that a lot of these apps have been modified to provide all the features free of cost. This can save a lot of money and headache for people wanting to try certain apps.

apkmody apk

To download an app is simple since it has a similar structure to Play Store. You can hop on the website and search for any title. Then you can download the app file and install it on your phone. 

Discover App Details and Features

Aside from being able to download apps and games, APKMody provides many useful articles for each app. While descriptions of the app are also present in Play Store, APKMody provides a more vivid picture.

It presents more features in the form of a post so all your questions can be answered without even downloading the app. In each app, you’ll see the description, features, FAQs, and modified features.

It vividly details all the things you need to know before, while and after you use the app. It’s all in their website and users can access it easily. Essentially, some pages can also provide reviews which is the missing component here from Play Store. 

Easy to Navigate

The website of APKMody is quite easy to navigate into. In the homepage, you’ll find the Editor’s Choice section. This is the place where the most popular apps and games are displayed. You’ll instantly know the recommendations of the editors in this section.

There’s also the recently updated games tab which are the ones that were recently added to the list. The site strives to provide a lot of apps, so it updates frequently.

apkmody apk download

On the tab, you’ll find pages like Games, Apps, ROMs, and How To. There’s also a FAQs tab at the home page near the end that answers all your questions. At the footer, you’ll find the information about who APKMody is, tutorials, trending, and latest apps.

Download an app is a breeze as there’s a huge download button that you’ll find in every post. You can also comment and share your thoughts. 

Is APKMody Safe?

Yes, the site gets more than 20 million visitors a month which is a huge green flag. It got to that point because it diligently checks all the apps before they upload them. So, it’s safe to say that downloading from the site is safe.

Download APKMody APK – latest version

Finding the perfect app or game is easy with APKMody. Get access to thousands of apps in one place!

Download APKMody [11 MB]


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