Animeflix APK 6.4

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Animeflix APK download latest version is your ultimate anime app. It has an expansive anime library that is regularly updated with the best content in the market! 

Animeflix APK 6.4
Name Animeflix
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version 6.4
Size 11 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer animeflix
Price Free

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Extensive Insights on Animeflix App APK  

Animeflix App APK download is designed to meet all entertainment needs for anime lovers. It has a simple user interface and lots of anime movies. 

The application is the best gift for anyone who loves Japanese culture. Interestingly, the developer also included the Animeflix APK English version to add a global touch. As such, you can be sure to enjoy the anime in a language of your choice. 

Animeflix APK 2022 is lightweight! It requires 10-15 MBs of your storage space. As such, you can use it without the fear of experiencing lags on your phone. However, you should possess an android 5.0+ phone for optimum functionality. 

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Why is Animeflix APK Pro Unique? 

Animeflix APK latest offers a more optimized way of streaming your favorite anime content at the comfort of your smartphone. It has a clean and simple interface, making all content accessible for beginners and pros alike. 

Additionally, the application is free to use. You do not need to pay any subscription to watch content on it.  

Animeflix Offers Latest Content! 

The application has thousands of anime series available for streaming. Even better, the developer regularly upgrades it to ensure that you only get the best in the market. Here are some of the top series you can watch on Animeflix latest APK: 

  • D-Gray Man. D Gray-man download is a Japanese anime adventure story about a talented Exorcist named Allen Walker. Allen finds himself in a war against powerful enemies with supernatural powers! He joins a group of skilled people to protect the world. 
  • Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul is one of Animeflix best horror anime ever! It tells a terrifying story about flesh-hungry monsters who are known as ghouls. They look just like normal people with deadly features. They feed on humans to survive! However, some humans try to fight them. 
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  • One-Punch Man. Animeflix APK download is one of the most popular anime movies ever! It is about a young man named Saitama who aims to become a superhero. However, he has an incredible ability that makes him powerful enough to leave his enemies dead in just one punch! He then joins the Hero Association with plans to become the most powerful hero in history. 
  • Naruto. Naruto download is one of the best Japanese anime shows about ninjas! It is set in a fictional world where powerful monsters sometimes appear and cause havoc. To combat them, people train themselves to use unique powers called "ninjutsu" to defeat them. 
  • Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan tells a gripping tale about military groups that protect people from monsters called Titans. They are about 100 meters tall and live in an alternate world called The Walls! 
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Animeflix English APK offers many other exciting anime movies. It is thorough in providing Manga stories creatively mixed with cartoonish characters. For example, you will get unique experiences with Donghua and Adventure Gogo. 

Additionally, Live Action content is available on Animeflix. You can catch up with your favorite anime or manga characters in action by watching movies like Gintama, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, and many others! 

Even better, accessing the content will be a breeze. The app has a search feature, allowing you to look up a specific anime or manga series. You can also sort your favorite content in separate lists and enjoy it later! 

Multiple Customization Options 

Animeflix APK provides you with many options to customize your movie-watching experience. The application allows you to switch languages, select subtitles, and even download shows for offline viewing. 

Additionally, you can turn on the dark mode to watch the content without straining your eyes. You can also configure the video quality depending on your network's speed. 

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Animeflix APK Free Download  

Animeflix APK is not available on the Google Play Store. As such, you have to download the latest version from a third-party website. 

  • Go to "Settings" and toggle ON the option to install applications from unknown sources. 
  • Run a web browser and go to Animeflix APK 
  • Download the latest version of this anime app for Android. Once through, you should open the file and install it. 
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You are done! Enjoy anime series on the go. Anime fans globally love this application because of its extensive listing of engaging anime movies and cartoon shows. 

Animeflix APK

If you want more unrestricted access to anime content, you should get the Animeflix APK download. It is free of advertisements and keeps the app in its original form. As such, you will get content that is just as engaging but devoid of the unnecessary promotions you get on the free version! 


Animeflix is one of the best anime shows on Android. It has unique content, including anime movies and cartoons that you can never find anywhere else. 

Even better, the app has top-notch features like HD quality visuals, an impressive collection of manga shows, and many customizable options. If you love watching anime or reading Manga on your phone, Animeflix English APK can be a suitable choice for you! 

Download Animeflix [11 MB]


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