Amikin Survival Mod APK 0.3.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Embark on a magical adventure in Amikin Survival Mod APK! Collect, train, and battle with Amikins in a vibrant, open-world RPG filled with excitement.

Amikin Survival Mod APK 0.3.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name Amikin Survival
Compatible with Android 10+
Last version 0.3.0
Size 422.76 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer Helio Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.heliogames.amikin.survival

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Amikin Survival APK is an immersive RPG that transports players to the enchanting world of Amiterra. Here, you'll collect and train creatures known as "Amikins," while exploring a vibrant, open-world environment. With its captivating blend of strategy, adventure, and creature collection, Amikin Survival APK stands out as a must-play game for fans of the genre.

Features of Amikin Survival APK

Choose Your First Amikin and Begin Your Journey

At the start of Amikin Survival APK, players can customize their character's appearance and select their first Amikin from three elemental creatures: plants, water, and fire. This initial choice not only determines your starting companion but also influences your combat strategy and progression. The bond formed with your first Amikin adds a layer of emotional depth, making each battle and exploration feel personal and engaging.

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Interactive Map with Simple and Intuitive Controls

Navigating the world of Amiterra is a breeze with Amikin Survival APK's user-friendly controls. The joystick on the left allows for free movement, while the right side houses buttons for attacking, picking up items, and interacting with the environment. The game’s design ensures a seamless experience, letting players focus on exploration and adventure without being bogged down by complex mechanics.

Real-Time Combat and Strategic Gameplay Integration

Amikin Survival APK excels in blending real-time combat with strategic elements. Players must gather resources, craft weapons, and build structures to enhance their capabilities. This mix of combat and strategy keeps gameplay dynamic and engaging, requiring players to think on their feet and adapt to various challenges. The ability to erect buildings and craft new items adds a layer of depth, making each playthrough unique.

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Building and Upgrading Your Personal Base of Operations

As players progress in Amikin Survival APK, they can build and upgrade their base, turning it into a robust shelter. Automating base maintenance tasks allows for the collection of special items and upgrades, enhancing gameplay without constant micromanagement. This feature not only provides a sense of progression but also encourages players to invest time in developing their base, offering long-term rewards and satisfaction.

Freedom to Hunt, Craft, and Fight as You Please

The freedom to hunt, craft, and engage in combat at will is a standout feature of Amikin Survival APK. This open-world approach allows players to shape their adventure, making each session feel fresh and exciting. Whether you’re gathering resources, crafting powerful weapons, or battling enemies, the game’s design ensures that you always have a variety of activities to enjoy, keeping the gameplay experience rich and varied.

Microtransactions to Enhance and Speed Up Progress

While Amikin Survival APK is free to play, it offers microtransactions that can speed up character and Amikin development. These optional purchases allow players to quickly upgrade skills and weapons, providing an edge in gameplay. However, the game remains balanced, ensuring that those who prefer not to spend can still enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding experience through skillful play and strategic resource management.

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Amikin Survival APK Graphics and Sound

Amikin Survival APK delivers a visually stunning and audibly immersive experience that enhances the overall gameplay. The graphics and soundtrack work together to create a magical atmosphere that draws players into the world of Amiterra.

Vibrant and Detailed Anime-Style Visuals Bring Amiterra to Life

The game's graphics boast a vibrant, anime-inspired art style that is both colorful and detailed. Each environment is meticulously crafted, from lush forests to mystical mountains, immersing players in a rich, fantastical world. The character designs are equally impressive, with unique, charming Amikins and customizable player avatars that add a personal touch to the adventure. The attention to detail in the animations and backgrounds creates a dynamic and visually appealing experience that keeps players engaged and captivated.

Enchanting Soundtrack and Sound Effects Enhance the Adventure

The enchanting soundtrack of Amikin Survival APK perfectly complements its visual splendor. The music features a mix of serene melodies and upbeat tunes that match the various in-game scenarios, from peaceful exploration to intense battles. The sound effects are equally well-crafted, with crisp, clear audio that brings actions like attacks, item pickups, and environmental interactions to life. This auditory experience not only heightens the sense of immersion but also adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the gameplay.

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Amikin Survival APK Crucial Tips

To excel in Amikin Survival APK, it's important to use strategic planning and efficient resource management. Here are some crucial tips to help you thrive in the world of Amiterra and make the most of your adventure.

  • Choose Your Amikin Wisely: At the beginning, choose an Amikin that complements your play style. Each elemental type (plants, water, fire) offers unique strengths and weaknesses. Consider your approach to battles and exploration to select the Amikin that will provide the best support and synergy with your character’s abilities.

  • Prioritize Resource Collection: Efficiently gather resources like wood, metal, and magic elements. These materials are essential for crafting weapons and building structures. Plan your resource collection routes and prioritize areas rich in necessary materials. Regularly check your inventory to ensure you have enough resources for future upgrades and crafting needs.

  • Upgrade Your Base: Continuously upgrade your base to enhance your capabilities. Investing in base improvements not only provides better shelter but also unlocks automated tasks that can yield valuable items and upgrades. Focus on balancing your upgrades to support both offensive and defensive strategies.

  • Master Real-Time Combat: Develop your combat skills by practicing real-time battles. Learn to combine offensive and defensive moves, such as dodging and parrying, to gain the upper hand. Utilize your Amikin's abilities strategically and experiment with different attack combinations to discover the most effective techniques.

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  • Explore and Interact with the Environment: Take advantage of the interactive map and explore every corner of Amiterra. Engaging with the environment can lead to discovering hidden items, special quests, and valuable resources. Keep an eye out for interactable elements and use the joystick and buttons to thoroughly investigate your surroundings.

Key Features of Amikin Survival Mod APK

This modified version offers a suite of features designed to give players an edge in their adventures. Key modifications include:

  • Amikin Survival Mod APK Unlimited Crafting: Craft without limits, allowing you to create essential items and structures anytime, anywhere.
  • Amikin Survival Mod APK Perfect Tame: Tame Amikins flawlessly, ensuring you have the best companions to aid you in your journey through Amiterra.

The Amikin Survival Mod APK enhances the gameplay experience, enabling you to explore and conquer the magical world with unparalleled ease and efficiency.


Amikin Survival APK stands out in the RPG genre with its engaging blend of creature collection, strategic gameplay, and immersive open-world exploration. Its vibrant graphics, captivating soundtrack, and dynamic combat system make it a must-play for fans of adventure and strategy games. With its rich features and endless possibilities, Amikin Survival APK offers a thrilling and rewarding experience for players of all ages. Download now to embark on an unforgettable journey in the enchanting world of Amiterra!

Download Amikin Survival [422.76 Mb]
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