Amanda the Adventurer APK 1.0.9

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Would you want to play a horror game where you can interact with the characters like in a TV show? Amanda the Adventurer APK lets you play with Amanda and Wooly.

Amanda the Adventurer APK 1.0.9
Name Amanda the Adventurer
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.0.9
Size 83M
Category Educational
Developer SooVoo Pro Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.WordsGame.LearnWordPronunciation.PronunciationLearningApp

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Download Amanda the Adventurer APK – Unique Horror Game

Amanda the Adventurer is a new horror game with a unique concept. It’s quite different from your typical horror game where there are a lot of scary elements.

This game is scary yet interesting because of its fresh take on horror which uses a kid’s TV program. The goal in the game is to watch and play along an antique kid’s TV show like Dora the Explorer.

amanda the adventurer apk mod

The game is published by DevTekGames and it has high reviews on the Google Play Store. A huge reason why this game is so successful is because it’s lightweight and it’s free.

In the game, the main character is Amanda with her sidekick Wooly which is a sheep. The game is easy to play with click and type elements displayed throughout. Overall, you’ll enjoy a fresh experience if you’re looking for a new horror game to play.

Why Play Amanda the Adventurer?

The horror genre is loved by many due to the many new elements it can bring. For some it can be daunting to play but if you have the guts, you can try Amanda the Adventurer.

What separates this game from others is in the concept itself which is refreshing to see. Unlike in Granny, which is a 3D horror game, you won’t play as the character running around completing quests. In essence, it’s a horror parody of Dora the Explorer.

amanda the adventurer apk

Most horror games today rely a lot on jump scares and puzzles. But this game relies more on your ability to help Amanda solve various things. For instance, she will ask you to say apple and you can type it in the screen. It seems easy enough to play especially since there are only three episodes.

But once you get to the later parts, you’ll notice that you’ll be given more challenging tasks. You’ll have to find things like the store, but the screen will suddenly buzz, and the store will disappear.

Gameplay of Amanda the Adventurer

This game is in 3D, and it lets the players enjoy the game through interactive entertainment. This means that the only way to complete the game is by tapping the screen and typing the answers.

amanda the adventurer apk android

The game interface lets you go through the game like you’re watching an old kid’s TV show. Through the TV, you can interact and solve the puzzles as dictated by Amanda.

Unique Features of Amanda the Adventurer

In this section, we’ll look at the unique features of the game. So, you’ll know what you’re getting into, let’s dive right into it:

  • Fresh horror concept – Most horror games now feature 3D graphics with puzzle themes. You can see how Evil Nun, Granny, Slendrina are similar in their gameplays. Amanda the Adventurer is the same as it’s a game where you’ll play as the watcher of a TV show. In the game, you’ve found some old tapes on your attic and now you must play the game.
  • Simple controls – You don’t have to control your player in the game. You’ll watch it in a third-person perspective, but you can interact with it. This means that you can tap the screen when Amanda asks you to find something. You can also type your answer when she asks a specific question.
  • A variety of episodes to enjoy – The game has three tapes which equals to three episodes for you to play. In tape 1, it seems like a normal kid’s TV show where you’ll be asked by Amanda where the store is. In episode 2, the air is more sinister, and you’ll go to the butcher shop. Lastly, the episode 3 is where things go awry as Amanda is in front a horror house at night.
  • Free to play – This game is free to play and there are no items to be purchased in the shop. It’s completely offline and it can be played for hours.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Game

For first time players, the game might look easy. But once you get to tape 3, you’ll find that everything doesn’t make sense. However, there are secrets in the game and we’re glad to share them to you so you can finish it.

amanda the adventurer apk download

Secret #1 – In the opening of tape 1, there’s a shadow behind the bush. This suggests that there’s a dark entity controlling Amanda.

Secret #2 – At the end of tape 1 when the credits roll up, there’s a hidden message “Turn the TV off now”. This can only be seen when you slow the credits down at the right time.

Secret #3 – When you enter the wrong answers, Amanda becomes more frustrated. If you continue to do so, she will force you to give the correct response.

Download Amanda the Adventurer APK – free download

Amanda the Adventurer is a free horror game with a fresh concept, simple controls and incredible CGI effects.

Download Amanda the Adventurer [83M]


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