YMusic Mod APK 3.8.14 (Premium unlocked)

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Download YMusic MOD APK – latest version – for Android. With this app, you can listen to all YouTube music even if it is free and get video data!

YMusic Mod APK 3.8.14 (Premium unlocked)
Name YMusic
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.8.14
Size 8 MB
Category Music & Audio
Developer KDEV
Price Free

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Now you can listen to all the music on YouTube for 100% free!

YouTube is a platform where we can find all kinds of video content. You can use it to watch hundreds of different channels that tell historical anecdotes, comment on football matches, or provide you with the latest updates on the latest tech news. However, you can also use this app to listen to your favorite music, as almost every interesting song that you can find on Spotify or Amazon Music is also available on YouTube.

ymusic apk download

However, one of the main drawbacks of YouTube as a music streaming platform is that it constantly bombards you with ads that disrupt the music listening experience. Moreover, the YouTube app does not allow you to listen to music with the screen off, making it very impractical, as your smartphone's battery will drain quickly, and you also won't be able to put your phone in your pocket to listen to music while walking down the street.

This is why various developers have created alternative apps to listen to YouTube music with the best convenience. And one such app is YMusic!

What is YMusic App? – Download YMusic MOD APK Premium for free

Similar to what happened with the Freezer MOD APK for the Deezer music platform, YMusic is an app designed to get the best out of a streaming platform with several shortcomings, such as YouTube. Although YouTube is an amazing platform for watching other types of content, you can only fully enjoy it for listening to music if you use an alternative app like this.

ymusic apk mod

YMusic is based on the official YouTube app, offering you an ideal alternative environment to listen to the music you have on this platform. The first thing it does is remove all the ads that disrupt the music flow and prevent you from enjoying the songs. From there, you can enjoy other benefits such as the ability to listen to your favorite music with the phone screen off, allowing you to go anywhere you want to listen to music without any cost.

Saving data, creating playlists, and playing with the screen off

The app is also designed for those with low data plans and who want to enjoy music without consuming their data allowance. YouTube is an app that can quickly use up your data if you are far from a Wi-Fi network, but fortunately, YMusic has everything you need to adjust your data consumption and minimize it, ensuring your data package lasts longer, whatever it may be.

ymusic apk free download

In addition, with this app, you can create all kinds of playlists with your favorite videos, allowing you to create playlists to listen to indie music, rock music, or music from other genres. Listening to and organizing your music on YouTube has never been easier with this app!

YMusic 2024 Features – YMusic 2024 MOD APK Download

An app for listening to music on YouTube. Now you can enjoy the best music on YouTube without ads, thanks to this comprehensive streaming app that lets you listen to songs from your favorite artists uninterrupted. No need to play the video. You don’t have to fully play videos to listen to music with this app, as it allows you to load audio and save data consumption.

ymusic apk latest version
  • Download songs to listen to offline. YMusic also allows you to download songs so you can listen to them offline wherever you go, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music on a plane or in the countryside.

  • Play music with the screen off. Turning off the screen to listen to your music can't be done with the official YouTube app, but you can do it with YMusic, the best app for listening to YouTube music for free!

YMusic Mod APK Latest Version

This modified version harnesses the capabilities of the YMusic app, enhancing the user experience significantly when listening to music on YouTube. The key modifications include:

  • Ad-Free Experience: The mod removes all advertisements, allowing for uninterrupted music listening without any disruptions.
  • Background Play: Enables music playback with the screen turned off, thus saving battery life and making it practical to listen to music on the go, even when the phone is in your pocket.
  • Premium Features Unlocked: Users can access all the premium features of the YMusic app without any cost, providing a full-fledged music listening experience that rivals paid services.

These enhancements transform YMusic from just another music app to a must-have for anyone looking to enjoy YouTube's vast music library without limitations or interruptions.

Download YMusic MOD APK for Android for free.

YMusic provides the best free YouTube music for Android! Discover all you can do with this amazing music streaming app!

Download YMusic [8 MB]


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