Volume Styles Premium APK 4.4.0

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Do you want to change your volume panel? With Volume Styles Premium, you’ll be able to customize it! Change the style, color and theme and enjoy it now.

Volume Styles Premium APK 4.4.0
Name Volume Styles Premium
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 4.4.0
Size 6.39 Mb
Category Personalization
Developer Tom Bayley
Price Free
Google Play Link com.tombayley.volumepanel

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We us smartphones a lot today since they’re available and affordable now. Because of their capabilities, a lot of people use smartphones for pretty much anything they want today. Whether it’s to call a friend, to message someone or to get updates, smartphones are reliable. You’ll see many people today constantly looking at their screens and using their phones whenever they want. So, if you want to change you boring volume panel into something unique, try Volume Styles Premium!

volume styles premium mod apk

This is an app that does just one thing and that is to make your volume panel look awesome! Isn’t it irritating that we can change the theme and wallpapers of our phones but not the volume panel? With this app, this all changes as you can select from a ton of styles copied from other phones! Here, you can select the volume styles of iOS 13, Windows 10, RGB, Huawei EMUI, Android 10, Color OS, Realme UI, iOS 12, Volume Knob and many more.

Change the Volume Slider

Do you love using your smartphone for various things? If you want to enjoy a lot of things, smartphones provide us with just about anything we need when we want to. We can listen to music, take pictures, chat with friends, play online games, and so much more. We can also customize our wallpapers, themes, keyboards, ringtones and many more. But if you’re wondering if you can change your volume control panel, you can’t!

volume styles premium apk for android

Most phones today don’t have the capability of customizing the volume panel of our phones. We don’t know why but it’s because people just don’t change their volume panel as much as they would with themes. However, with Volume Styles Premium, you can easily do this for free! Here, you can select from a style you want such as Paranoid Android, Vivo Funtouch OS, Android 10, OnePlus OxygenOS, Android Oreo horizontal sliders, Realme UI, Windows Phone, Volume Knob and more. Then, you can also enjoy the Style Creator here.

Here, you can customize what you want to put such as Ring, Notification, Voice Call, Bluetooth, Alarm and many more.

Volume Styles Premium Features

If you want to enjoy plenty of different volume panel styles, you can download Volume Styles Premium now and fully customize your phone.

volume styles premium apk free download

Change your volume panel – Our smartphones serve a lot of purpose for us nowadays. It can act as a map, a camera, a messaging tool, a portable game console and many more. And since we use our smartphones a lot, we tend to customize the themes and wallpapers of it. This allows us to modify our phones however we want so we can achieve a certain look. But if you want to customize your volume panel, you can only do so with Volume Styles Premium!

What this app does is that it allows any Android phone’s volume slider to be customized to any style! There are many styles to choose from here which you can easily implement. These includes Samsung One UI, Windows 10, Realme UI, Color OS, RGB, Android 10, Xiaomi MIUI, Volume Knob and many more. You can also customize things to the extreme as you can change the sliders! Select the ones you want to add such as alarm, Bluetooth, system, voice call, notification, ring, media, brightness, cast and more.

volume styles premium apk

Amazing Styles – You can change your volume control panel with Volume Styles Premium easily! Here, you can select from pre-defined styles that you can get from other phones now. Freely enjoy styles such as iOS 13, Android 10, Huawei EMUI, RGB, Color OS, Paranoid Android, Windows 10, Volume Knob, Vivo Funtouch OS, and OnePlus OxygenOS. These styles that you can get are from popular smartphone brands today!

How cool is this? You can enjoy the look of other premium brands even if you have a lower-end smartphone. On the contrary, you can try other volume panels from other smartphones through this app.

Change the sliders – You can also customize what you want to put into your sliders. Remember that there are only a limited number of things you can put in your volume panel at once. With this, you can select things like cast, brightness, notification, alarm, voice call, media, ring, system, Bluetooth and more. You can enjoy selecting only the ones you need today. Then, you can change it anytime you want at the settings.

volume styles premium apk latest version

Customize – This app also allows you to enjoy many more customization tools. This includes colors, dark mode, corner radius and more. You can also select the control panel position where it will appear on the screen. Then, you can also set the duration of the volume panel.

Add shortcuts – You can also add live captions, toggle rotations, flashlight and more.

Download Volume Styles Premium APK – Latest version

Enjoy a fully customized volume panel on your smartphone now with Volume Styles Premium!

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Download Volume Styles Premium [6.39 Mb]


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