USB Audio Player PRO Mod APK (Paid for Free)

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Experience unmatched audio quality with USB Audio Player PRO Mod APK, the ultimate choice for audiophiles on Android.

USB Audio Player PRO Mod APK (Paid for Free)
Name USB Audio Player PRO
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 44.6 MB
Category Music & Audio
Developer eXtream Software Development
Price ₹500.00
Google Play Link com.extreamsd.usbaudioplayerpro

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USB Audio Player PRO APK is a high-caliber media player designed specifically for Android devices. This app stands out in the digital audio playback arena by supporting USB audio DACs and HiRes audio chips, catering to audiophiles who demand the best sound quality from their mobile devices. Unlike standard players, USB Audio Player PRO allows you to play music at any resolution and sample rate supported by your DAC, supporting a vast array of audio formats beyond those typically recognized by Android. This application is essential for anyone looking to experience top-notch audio fidelity on their smartphone or tablet.

How To Use USB Audio Player PRO APK

Unlock superior audio quality on your Android device with USB Audio Player PRO, an app designed to enhance your listening experience with high-resolution audio support. Here’s how to get started:

usb audio player pro apk latest version
  • Download and Installation:

    • Visit the Google Play Store or a trusted APK website.
    • Search for "USB Audio Player PRO APK."
    • Click on 'Download' to get the latest version of the app.
    • Once downloaded, open the file and install it by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Using the App:

    • Connect Your DAC: If using an external DAC, connect it to your device via USB before launching the app.
    • Open the App: Launch USB Audio Player PRO from your app drawer.
    • Select Your Music: Browse your device’s storage or access a UPnP/DLNA server to find your music files.
    • Customize Settings: Adjust audio settings such as DAC configuration, EQ levels, and more to suit your listening preferences.
    • Play Music: Choose a song or playlist and enjoy high-quality audio playback.

By following these steps, you can maximize your audio experience using app.

Features of USB Audio Player PRO APK

Enhanced Hi-Res Audio Across Devices and DACs

The App elevates your listening experience by supporting USB audio DACs and HiRes audio chips present in the latest smartphones. This allows users to experience music at any resolution and sample rate that their DAC supports. The app uniquely bypasses Android's native audio limitations, enabling true high-resolution audio playback. This feature is indispensable for audiophiles craving the purest sound quality.

usb audio player pro apk download

Comprehensive Codec Support for Music Aficionados

The app supports a wide range of audio formats, surpassing the capabilities of Android’s native players. From common formats like MP3 and FLAC to less conventional ones like SACD ISO, MQA, and DSD, USB Audio Player PRO ensures compatibility with a vast music library. This extensive support makes it a versatile choice for users who possess diverse and eclectic music collections.

MQA Decoding for Master Quality Audio

With the integration of an MQA Core Decoder, USB Audio Player PRO offers audiophiles the opportunity to experience studio-grade sound. This feature unfolds the MQA files to reveal the original master's quality, providing an unmatched auditory experience. The decoder enhances tracks to 88.2/96 kHz, with the potential for even higher rates when paired with MQA-capable USB DACs, pushing the boundaries of mobile audio fidelity.

Advanced Customization with Extensive Audio Settings

The application provides robust customization options to tailor the audio output to the listener's preference. Features like a 10-band equalizer, hardware and software volume controls, and optional upsampling empower users to fine-tune their audio experience. These settings not only enhance usability but also ensure that each listener can create a personalized sound environment.

Seamless Integration with Streaming Services

USB Audio Player PRO integrates smoothly with high-resolution streaming services like TIDAL, Qobuz, and Shoutcast, providing users with access to vast libraries of high-quality music. This feature supports both HiRes FLAC and MQA streaming, ensuring that users enjoy the best possible audio quality while exploring different musical genres and artists through these platforms.

usb audio player pro apk for android

Useful Tips For Using USB Audio Player PRO APK

Maximize your musical enjoyment, enhance audio quality, and optimize app performance with these expert tips for using USB Audio Player PRO APK:

  • Optimize DAC Connection:

    • Ensure Compatibility: Before purchasing a USB DAC, verify that it's compatible with app to avoid connectivity issues.
    • Direct Connection: Use a direct USB connection rather than USB hubs to minimize any potential interference or power issues.
  • Explore High-Resolution Files:

    • File Formats: Experiment with different high-resolution file formats such as FLAC, WAV, or DSD to find out which provides the best sound quality on your device.
    • Storage Solutions: Consider using external storage solutions if your device storage is limited, as high-resolution files are typically larger.
  • Customize Audio Settings:

    • EQ Adjustments: Use the 10-band equalizer to adjust the sound frequencies to match your personal preference or to compensate for any acoustic shortcomings of your headphones or speakers.
    • Sample Rate Matching: Always set the app to use the same sample rate as your audio file to avoid unnecessary sample rate conversion.
  • Utilize Streaming Integrations:

    • Network Stability: Ensure a stable and fast internet connection for uninterrupted streaming from services like TIDAL or Qobuz.
    • Explore MQA Tracks: Take advantage of the app’s MQA playback capabilities by exploring MQA-enabled tracks on TIDAL for superior sound quality.
usb audio player pro apk free download
  • Enhance Usability:

    • Folder Playbacks: Organize your music into folders for easy navigation and playback within the app.
    • Hardware Controls: If your device or DAC supports it, use hardware volume controls for more precise adjustments.
  • Leverage Additional Features:

    • UPnP/DLNA Support: Stream music directly from UPnP/DLNA servers in your home network for a centralized music experience.
    • Advanced EQ and MorphIt: Consider purchasing the advanced parametric EQ and MorphIt headphones simulator for an even more refined audio tuning and headphone optimization.

By following these tips, you can significantly improve your listening experience and make the most out of USB Audio Player PRO APK’s extensive features.

Key Features of USB Audio Player PRO Mod APK

This modified version of USB Audio Player PRO APK provides users with premium features at no cost, enhancing the audio experience significantly. Key modifications include:

  • Paid for Free: Users can access all the premium features of USB Audio Player PRO for Android without any charge. This includes full access to Hi-Res audio support, comprehensive codec compatibility, MQA decoding, advanced audio customization, and seamless integration with top streaming services.

The USB Audio Player PRO Mod APK ensures a superior and immersive listening experience, allowing audiophiles to enjoy high-quality music across various devices and formats without any financial investment.


The App stands out as a superior choice for audiophiles seeking unparalleled audio quality on their Android devices. With its robust support for high-resolution audio, comprehensive format compatibility, and seamless integration with top streaming services, this app is a game-changer in mobile audio technology. Elevate your listening experience by downloading USB Audio Player PRO app today, and immerse yourself in the world of high-fidelity sound.

Download USB Audio Player PRO [44.6 MB]
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