University Empire Tycoon APK 1.2

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We may have mixed emotions about school, but how would you like to own one? In University Empire Tycoon, you get to manage a whole school and get money!

University Empire Tycoon APK 1.2
Name University Empire Tycoon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.2
Size 189.97 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Codigames
Price Free
Google Play Link

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We must go through school whether we like it or not. It’s part of our lives from the moment we turn 6 up to college. Some people loved their student life while others hated it. But what if you suddenly have the ability to become an owner of a university? In University Empire Tycoon, you get to establish your own university and get as many students to enroll as you can!

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In this game from Codigames, you get to be in charge of expanding your campus which means building new classrooms and other facilities. Here, you can build sports grounds, buildings, leisure areas, student clubs and many more! Add many educational programs such as Medical college, Math, Law school, physics, literature, engineering and more. Here, you’ll get rich as your university gets famous and enrolls many students!

Manage Your School

Whether you’re still a student right now or not, we all have our own opinions about school. Sure, it’s a place for learning but there are many experiences that we can get from them too. We get new friends, we learn about different subjects, and we get to do a lot of fun things. But what if you can manage a school of your own? How would you run it to get more idle money from it?

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Get ready as you’ll get to be the dean of your school in University Empire Tycoon! Be in charge of making decisions such as expanding your university and adding buildings. Here, you can provide the best facilities to students, hire many teachers and other staff, and provide different subjects! The goal is to make your school as prestigious as it can be so you can get more students to enroll. You can do many things such as managing staff, upgrading facilities, adding new classrooms and more.

You can also customize your school’s design to make it more attractive to students! Lastly, you can participate in online competitions to appear in the rankings!

Features of University Empire Tycoon

Do you have what it takes to go back to school right now? No, instead of going back as a student, you will become the owner of one!

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Manage A University – We may not realize it but private schools are a business at the end of the day. If you’ve always wanted to own one and put up your own rules, this is your big chance! Manage your own university in University Empire Tycoon! Become the sole decision maker as you try to expand your campus and entice many students to enroll. There are many things you can do to improve the student’s learning experience in this game.

Here, you can add classrooms, erect buildings, build state-of-the-art sports facilities and hire competent staff! Here, you can employ teachers, janitors, office workers and more to help you manage the school as a whole. Then, you can grant scholarships and the best learning experience ever by listening to their demands. They will pay their tuition so you can earn more money that you can reinvest to the school! This is a fun idle game that lets you make money as you sleep.

Expand your campus – Here, your priority is to expand the campus to accommodate more students. To do this, you can add more classrooms, buildings, leisure zones, student clubs and faculty lounges. You can also upgrade the facilities at the basketball courts, and many more! Here, the more investments you make towards the school, the more it will make you money! Manage the school wisely and grow your status to reach new heights!

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Hire staff – One of the most important aspects of the school are the staff itself. You can hire the best teachers, builders, janitors, office workers and more! Here, you’ll need competent teachers to educate the students so they become successful. You’ll need to invest a lot in this aspect as it’s of utmost importance. Then, you can also add different educational programs such as Chemistry, Engineering, Medical college, Maths, Law, Philosophy, Physics and more!

Participate in online competitions – You can also participate in online competitions to compete against other universities online. Join online contests and prove your school’s status! Establish your university as a premiere one that students will want to spend money to enroll in. Here, you can climb the rankings and create the best school!

Make idle money – School is just a business at the end. You must make every wise decision possible to get the most profit! Try to invest in worthwhile things to get your money back!

University Empire Tycoon APK

Want to manage your own school today? Download University Empire Tycoon and play it now.

Download University Empire Tycoon [189.97 Mb]


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